How to speed up internet Connection | How to increase internet speed | How to boost internet speed

The best DNS should be able to increase your Internet speed in the sense of making navigation as fast as possible. All DNS servers have the same function but some are slow or not stable. Those offered by more than one Internet access provider (the ones you have configured by default on your PC) are not always ideal. To know which DNS it is, use the namebench program .How to speed up internet Connection, How to get faster internet speed for free, how to increase internet speed

It will automatically tell you which one is best for you. Do this:

  1. Click on the download link for namebench .Choose to save your installer to your PC.IMPORTANT:
    If the link does not work, get the program on its official website . Enter it and click on the link namebench- [version number] -Windows.exe (for example, namebench-1.3.1-Windows.exe). This is how you enter the program tab. You can download it from it.
  2. It is convenient to close all the programs that you have open so that the check is as reliable as possible. Then go to the folder where you saved namebench and open it with double click. Press Extract on the installation wizard window that opens.
  3. After a while (it may take a while) the main program window opens (see the image above). Keep as is the options that appear by default. Right- click Start Benchmark .
  4. Namebench does a series of checks. In essence check the speed of response of thousands of DNS to find which is the best in your case. On a fast PC these checks take less than five minutes to complete. If your computer is slow it will take longer. Wait without doing anything that namebench ends.
  5. When the test is over, a page opens in your Internet browser. Show results. There are two possibilities:
    • That your DNS is already the faster
      You will see a message, At the top left you will say “Your current primary DNS server is” and underneath a large “Fastest” in green. In that case you are finished. Your current DNS is the best you can use. That may change over time. Take these steps again and again to check whether or not you are. Now you can close namebench and its results page. Then see the links at the end of this article.
    • That there is another DNS faster than yours current
      At the top left is a green indication of how much faster the DNS found compared to yours. It is indicated by a percentage. In the example image the value is 11.1%. That is to say that changing your DNS by proposing namebench you increase the speed by 11.1%.
  6. [Do this only if namebench has found a DNS faster than yours] Sign up the IP address that comes out on the top right of the results page, to the right of the text Primary Server(in the example it is , But may be different in your case).NOTE:
    You will see that there are two other IPs under the main one. They are the Secondary and Tertiary Server. Secondary also points out. It indicates the primary and the secondary to distinguish them later
  7. This step is also required only if the program has found a DNS faster than yours. With the IP of that DNS ideal for you the idea now is …
    Change the DNS in Windows 7, XP or Vista
    Change it in Windows 8, 8.1 or Windows 10

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Increase and measure internet speed | How to speed up internet Connection | How to get faster internet speed for free

Many so-called ways to increase the speed of online internet are NOT working. Or worse yet, they can even reduce it and cause Windows to fail.

These 10 tricks are effective and improve it to a greater or lesser extent. At the end I include a free meter of the connection speed.

1. Change DNS Change DNS How to speed up internet Connection, How to get faster internet speed for free

It is little known that DNS servers can make Internet browsing faster.

Take advantage of that. It works and it’s free. Click on this link to find the best DNS in your specific case and see how to change yours.

2. Remove unnecessary plugins

Plugins enhance the capabilities of browsers, but also make them slower.

Disabling non-essential ones increases the loading speed of web pages. It also makes the browser open faster:

  1. Click the Explorer Tools menu . It can appear above or right as a menu with that name (Explorer 8) or as the icon of a gear (Explorer 9). Choose within Manage add-ons (see image).
  2. Click the drop-down list on the left and select All Add-ons .
  3. You’ll see them on the right side. They are grouped by the name of the plugin manufacturer (Adobe, Apple, Microsoft, etc.). In the Status column you see whether they are enabled or not.
  4. To disable a plugin, click on it to select it. And press the Disable button down the right . Sometimes you have to confirm it in a warning window.

Which plugins should be enabled?

  • Adobe. Shockwave, Flash and PDF.
  • Microsoft. Windows Media Player and Silverlight.
  • Oracle. Java.

Whether or not to enable others depends on you. For example you may want to keep assets related to your antivirus or firewall. I have them deactivated in case you are interested to know.

Explorer 9 includes a Performance Advisor. When a plugin greatly reduces the speed of the Internet a warning bar  is displayed . Click on the Choose Add-ons button to see the delay caused by the plugin and disable it if you want.

You can always activate an add-on again when you have trouble disabling it. Follow the steps above and press the Enable button on the last one.

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3. Do not install bars in the browser

I mean bars like those of Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask or others. They often come with free programs. They are added at the top next to the predefined ones.

They reduce the speed although in concrete cases they can be useful. They serve to search, to share, to translate, etc.

Use the Windows uninstaller to remove toolbars that are installed. Search in the list of programs names like “Google toolbar”, “Yahoo toolbar”, etc.

4. Have enough free disk space

Windows works badly when there is little. That makes the Internet also work slower and worse.

It is advisable to have at least 15-20% of free space. Do this:

  1. Enter the Start menu . Right click on Computer (Windows 7 and Vista) or My Computer (Windows XP).
  2. View the total and available disk space (in Windows XP click on it and look at the details below to the left).
  3. Calculate 15 or 20% of the total size to know the free space recommended in your case.An example: if the disk is 128 GB, it is advisable to have free between 19 GB (128 GB x 0.15) and 26 GB (128 x 0.20).
  4. Compare that value with the real free space. If you have more, perfect. If not, see how to free up disk space .

Do not get enough free space and you do not want to buy a new hard drive? I’ll give you some good news: Windows SkyDrive gives you 7 GB of space online. You can store in them what you like and earn that space on your disk. How to get more internet speed, how can i speed up my internet

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5. Restart Windows and / or the router

Restart Windows and / or the router How to speed up internet Connection, How to get faster internet speed for free

It is very simple, but it can be effective if the Internet becomes slow without an obvious reason (like you are downloading many files).

Restarting Windows empties the RAM, among other things. Being saturated is a common cause of that sudden slowness of the Internet or your programs.

Turning off the router, waiting 10 seconds, and restarting it can “clean” cumulative errors. Sometimes they cause the connection to become slow.

The two are solutions for the moment. No improvement in speed in a permanent way. But I say that they are effective in many cases and it costs nothing to test them.

There is a close relationship between the performance of Windows and that of the Internet connection.

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6. Make sure no one steals your internet

How to get better internet connection

There are two usual “thieves” who may be slowing down:

  • Other people
    Occurs frequently on unprotected Wi-Fi connections. Neighbors or other individuals may be sharing your Internet with you at your expense.
  • Many viruses use your connection to renounce advertising or infect other systems. Check that you do not have any with an antivirus like Panda or Avira.

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7. Optimize the network

How to make your internet faster

Internet speed problems can be due to not keeping up with the devices and components of your computer.

Be sure to update your PC drivers . Especially those that have to do with networks and connection.

Sometimes the problem is that the signal is too weak. Check out these ways to increase the Wi-Fi signal if you use a laptop to connect.

the drivers for the motherboard or the chipset. Several of them affect the speed of the connection.

8. Refresh the browser

Old versions of browsers are slower. And there are pages that do not work or look bad with them. Download your latest versions of their official websites. Search on Google.

9. Renew network hardware

How to make your internet connection faster, dns for speed up internet, how to fasten my internet

Do you have an old modem, type 56 kbps, and you connect through the telephone line? You should hire a broadband connection (ADSL, cable or fiber optic) and replace the modem with a decent Wi-Fi router .

With an old and poorly capable modem the speed will always be slow, whatever you do. There are no miracles in that sense.

On laptops it is very important that the Wi-Fi network adapter is good. Change it if the Wi-Fi signal is weak or not stable and you do not work the tricks to increase it from the previous section.

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10. Improve connection

Contact your Internet provider when you are not satisfied with it. The speed test I include below can help you know if it is going slower than you have hired. Use it as an argument to ask them to improve the service.

Consider also upgrading to a faster Internet rate. The price difference is usually not very large and the increase in speed can be considerable.

11. Change Windows or PC

Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 are much better than Windows XP or Vista. Go to one of them to make your computer and Internet go faster.

Modern PCs include more advanced network adapters. And newer Windows more efficiently manage and optimize Internet connections. It pays to replace the PC when it is old. If you do not plan to change equipment, a good option is to increase the RAM. It’s cheap and you’ll notice it a lot. To extend the RAM it is very useful to know the memory model of my PC .

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12 Measuring Internet Speed

Increasing internet speed in windows 10, Internet speed boost

  1. Close all programs except the browser.
  2. Enter
  3. Click Begin Test .
  4. Speedtest measures the download speed and the load speed. See the values ​​above.
  5. Compare the results with the values ​​you have contracted with your Internet provider. It is normal that they are a little smaller. But do not hesitate to contact him if they are much slower than they should be.

 How to boost internet speed?

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