How to Stream Xbox One games to Windows 10

Game Streaming from Xbox One – How to Stream Xbox One games

How to Stream Games to Windows 10? Below is the answer:

Now you can easily Stream Xbox One Games to PC. Windows 10 provides better integration with Xbox system, facilitating user to browse their game library, saving last 30 seconds of gameplay as a video ,to control and play games from an Xbox One console over a local network. Multiplayer gaming is now possible across devices between Windows 10 and Xbox One. In the upcoming game Fable Legends, be the Villain on your PC and outwit Heroes playing against you on Xbox One. Microsoft announced Xbox One Game Streaming Service on Xbox One last month,  out of preview and expanding it to everyone who owns an Xbox One and has a PC or tablet with Windows 10. This means you can play the great library of games you’ve built for Xbox One on your Windows 10 PCs when you’re not in front of your console.

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How to Stream Xbox One games to Windows 10 PC’s and Tablet’s
You Can Now Stream From Xbox One Using a Windows 10 PC or Tablet

Game Streaming from Xbox One

How to Stream Xbox One games to Windows 10 PC’s and Tablet’s

Step 1:  To get started, on your Xbox One console,
Step 2:  Go to Settings > Preferences > Allow game streaming to other devices.
Step 3:  And then install the latest version of the Xbox app on your Windows 10 PC or tablet.
Step 4:  Now Go to the Xbox app on Your Windows 10 PC or desktop or tablet.
Step 5:  In the Xbox app on Windows 10, select Connect > + Add a device from the menu on the left side of the app.
Step 6:  Then select your Xbox One console
Step 7:  Attach a wired Xbox 360 or Xbox One controller to your Windows 10 PC or tablet.
Step 8:  Then, go to Home > Recently Played to select an Xbox One game.
Step 9:  And then select Play from Console to start your streaming session.
Step 10:  A notification will appear on your Xbox One that a game streaming session was started by a specific user.

Experience better graphics and game performance – Game Streaming from Xbox One

Game Streaming from Xbox One

Windows 10 now boosts DirectX 12 graphics, and it will make PC gaming more better, sharper and faster with minimum lags. DirectX 12 will deliver high-end graphics and can improve performance of your games, even on existing hardware. Windows 10 – Xbox One – Cross-device multiplayer. Xbox Stream to PC.


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