Apple Watch and activity tracking – Health and Fitness

Apple Watch and activity trackingHealth and Fitness

Apple watch is a pure Activity Tracking Watch. The Activity app on Apple Watch keeps track of your movement throughout the day and helps encourage you to meet your fitness goals. The app tracks how often you stand up, how much you move, and how many minutes of exercise you do, and provides a simple and powerful graphic ring of your daily activity. The goal is to sit less, move more, and get some exercise by completing each ring every day. The Activity app on iPhone keeps a long-term record of all your activity.

Apple Watch and activity tracking - Health and Fitness
How to track health & fitness on Apple Watch

Get started With Apple Watch.

  1. The first time you open Activity on Apple Watch,
  2. swipe left to read the Move, Exercise, and Stand descriptions,
  3. then tap Get Started.
  4. Enter the required information by tapping Sex, Age, Weight, and Height, then turn the Digital Crown to set and tap Continue. Finally, tap Start Moving.

Note:  You can also enter your birthdate, sex, height, and weight in the Apple Watch app on iPhone. In the Apple Watch app, tap My Watch, then tap Health.

Check your progress – Apple Watch and activity tracking

  1. Swipe up on the watch face,
  2. then swipe to the Activity glance at any time to see how you’re doing.
  3. Tap the glance to open the Activity app and swipe to see the individual activities.
  4. The Move ring shows how many active calories you’ve burned.
  5. The Exercise ring shows how many minutes of brisk activity you’ve done.
  6. The Stand ring shows how many times in the day you’ve stood for at least one minute per hour.
  7. Swipe up on an activity or turn the Digital Crown to see your progress as a graph.

Check your activity history and see all your achievements.

Open the Activity app on iPhone, then tap a date in the calendar to see a breakdown for that day. You’ll see how many steps you took and the distance you covered, in addition to Move, Exercise, and Stand info.

Adjust your goals.

Open Activity on Apple Watch and firmly press the display until you see the prompt to change your Move goal. Every Monday, you’ll also be notified about the previous week’s achievements, and you can adjust your daily Move goal for the coming week. Apple Watch suggests goals based on your previous performance.

Control activity notifications.

Reminders can help when it comes to meeting goals. Apple Watch can let you know if you’re on track or falling behind your activity goals. It can even alert you if you’ve been sitting too long. To choose which reminders and alerts you’d like to see, open the Apple Watch app on iPhone, tap My Watch, then tap Activity.

Monitor your workouts – track fitness on Apple Watch

track fitness on Apple Watch

The Workout app on Apple Watch gives you tools to manage your individual workout sessions. It lets you set specific goals, such as time, distance, or calories, then tracks your progress, nudges you along the way, and summarizes your results. You can use the Activity app on iPhone to review your complete workout history. See Keep your data accurate on page 57 for information on how Apple Watch is calibrated.

Start a workout on Apple watch

  1. Open Workout , then tap the workout type you’re going for.
  2. As you use the app and choose workouts, the order of workouts will reflect your preferences.
  3. On the goal screen, swipe left and right to choose a calorie, time, or distance goal (or no goal),
  4. then turn the Digital Crown or tap + / – to set.
  5. When you’re ready to go,
  6. tap Start.
  7. If you’re measuring calories or time, you can leave iPhone behind and exercise with just Apple Watch.
  8. But for the most accurate distance measurements outdoors, take iPhone along.

Note:  Outdoor and Indoor Walk/Run/Cycle are distinct workouts because Apple Watch calculates the calorie burn differently for each. For indoor workouts, Apple Watch relies mainly on your heart rate readings for calorie estimates, but for outdoor workouts, Apple Watch works in conjunction with iPhone (which has GPS) to calculate speed and distance. Those values, along with your heart rate, are used to estimate the number of calories burned.

Apple Watch and activity tracking. track fitness on Apple Watch.

Check your progress of workouts on Apple watch

Check the completion ring during your workout for a quick indication of your progress. Swipe on the lower half of the screen to review elapsed time, average pace, distance covered, calories consumed, and heart rate. Instead of viewing the progress rings, you can choose to see your distance, calorie, or time values numerically.

  1. Open the Apple Watch app on iPhone,
  2. tap My Watch,
  3. Then turn on Workout > Show Goal Metric.
  4. track fitness on Apple Watch.

Pause and resume your Apple watch workouts and exercises.

  1. To pause the workout at any time,
  2. firmly press the display,
  3. then tap Pause.
  4. To continue, firmly press the display again,
  5. then tap Resume.

Conserve power during a long workout on Apple watch.

You can save power by disabling the heart rate sensor during long walking and running workouts. Your calorie burn estimates might not be as accurate. Apple Watch and activity tracking.

  1. Open the Apple Watch app on iPhone,
  2. tap My Watch,
  3. then turn on Workout > and Go to > Power Saving Mode.

End the workout or exercises on Apple watch.

  1. When you reach your goal, you’ll hear an alarm. If you’re feeling good and want to continue,
  2. go ahead—Apple Watch continues to collect data until you tell it to stop.
  3. When you’re ready,
  4. firmly press the display,
  5. then tap End.
  6. Turn the Digital Crown to scroll through the results summary,
  7. then tap Save or Discard at the bottom.

Review your workout history on Apple watch.

  1. Open the Activity app on iPhone,
  2. then tap a date.
  3. Scroll down to see your workouts listed below the Move and Exercise summaries.
  4. Swipe left on a workout to see details for it.

Check your heart rate – heart rate monitor apple watch

Heart Rate on iWatch. For best results, the back of Apple Watch needs skin contact for features like wrist detection, haptic notifications, and the heart rate sensor. Wearing Apple Watch with the right fit—not too tight, not too loose, and with room for your skin to breathe—will keep you comfortable and let the sensors do their job. You may want to tighten Apple Watch for workouts, then loosen the band when you’re done. In addition, the sensors will work only when you wear Apple Watch on the top of your wrist.

heart rate monitor apple watch

See your current heart rate

  1. Swipe up on the watch face,
  2. then swipe to the Heartbeat glance to measure your heart rate and see your last reading.
  3. Tap the heart in the glance to take a new reading.

Check your heart rate during a workout on Apple watch.

Swipe on the lower half of the Workout progress screen.  heart rate monitor apple watch.

Keep your data accurate

Apple Watch uses the information you provide about your height, weight, gender, and age to calculate how many calories you burn, how far you travel, and other data. In addition, the more you run with the Workout app , the more Apple Watch learns your fitness level—and the more accurately it can estimate the calories you’ve burned during aerobic activity.

Update your height and weight.

  1. Open the Apple Watch app on iPhone,
  2. tap My Watch,
  3. tap Health,
  4. Weight, or Height,
  5. and adjust.

Best Apple Watch Fitness Apps

  1. Nike+ Running,
  2. Green Kitchen,
  3. Strava,
  4. Mayo Clinic Synthesis,
  5. LifeSum,
  6. Runtastic,
  7. Fitstar Yoga,
  8. WaterMinder,
  9. Map My Run,
  10. HealthTap,
  11. Medication Alarm,
  12. Human, ,
  13. Carrot Fit,
  14. Clue.

heart rate monitor apple watch.