How to uninstall any Windows 10 app, even those that the system blocks

Microsoft was a little happy to users who have no use for their Windows 10 applications , when he said he would soon allow us to remove the apps that come with the system by default . Although they have improved a lot since Windows 8, applications such as Mail and Calendar, Groove Music, Maps, Weather, etc, are not exactly the favorites of most, and it is annoying that you can not uninstall them if you want.

Even when the Creators Update arrives in the coming months and we can get rid of some, others will remain mandatory and neither from the Windows Store, the Configuration menu or the classic Control Panel, we can uninstall them. However, there are third-party solutions that offer a simple solution to this, and if you want to uninstall all Modern apps that come by default in Windows 10 , you can do so.

If you open the Windows configuration menu, click on System and then on Applications and features , you can see a list with all the installed applications and when you click on any of them you will see two buttons: modify or move and uninstall. The Modern applications that come by default with Windows 10, have these two options disabled and you can not use them.

If you go to the Control Panel and look for the option to uninstall a program, you will not even see those applications in the list. So to get rid of them you will have to resort to other methods, and the simplest pass through using some of the tools that we recommend below.


This tool is mostly known for its functions to help eliminate junk files from Windows and keep the system clean. CCleaner also includes an additional tool to uninstall programs . Unlike the Windows control panel, the CCleaner uninstaller includes all applications installed on your computer, including Chrome apps.

With this program you can uninstall all the Modern applications that Windows 10 blocks . It is as simple as opening CCleaner, select the Tools option, click on Uninstall programs, choose the one you want to remove and accept. You can even delete the opinion center. The only disadvantage is that you have to eliminate one by one.


This alternative is one designed specifically for the task that interests us. 10AppsManager was developed by Lavish Thakkar, for TheWindowsClub. It works with Windows 10 of 32 and 64 bits and offers a very simple and direct tool to the grain to uninstall all the Modern applications that come with the system .

All you have to do is download the program, extract the compressed file and run 10AppsManager.exe. The window that appears shows you all the Modern applications that you can uninstall in a click, or it offers you the option to remove them all at once . It is recommended that you create a restoration point before doing this, in case you want to return to the previous state. You can also use the same program to reinstall applications.

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