How to uninstall apps on MacBook Air and MacBook Pro

Have you ever wondered how to uninstall apps on Mac? There are multiple ways of uninstalling applications on Mac OS depending on whether the application was downloaded from the Mac App Store.

The number of apps you run on your Mac can be overwhelming. There are thousands of applications you could install, but the time invested in managing them can feel chaotic. Most apps are simple downloads and installs, but others may require additional configuration.

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There are quite a few advantages in removing apps from your Mac. If you have cleaned up your Mac, you can free up space on your drive by getting rid of all the Apps you haven’t used in a while. Furthermore, an App taking up memory might slow down your computer. The reason behind this is that when an app is opened in the background, there is a small chance it might take over the memory for whatever reason.

If you’ve ever tried to remove an application from your Mac, you are probably well aware of how difficult sometimes can be. It can be even more frustrating when you are trying to remove the applications, with which you are not familiar or don’t remember their name.

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Apps, apps, and even more apps. Apps have become an everyday occurrence in our lives. The rise in app downloads coincides with the rise in smartphones. In fact, according to a study from NDP Group in the US, there were well over 1 billion people downloading apps. But when you download an app, it’s not always what you expect. Often the app doesn’t end up supporting or doing what you want or require. You might find that you don’t need it at all – who would have thought that?

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It might seem basic, but sometimes you need to clean up your Mac. That’s where AppCleaner comes in. It’s the simplest way to uninstall apps on MacBook Air without losing any personal data or settings. It even can uninstall multiple apps at once!

If you’re looking to remove an app completely from your Mac, there are multiple ways to do it depending on the type of application you installed. Whether it be via terminal or through the uninstaller, here are several ways to uninstall an app on MacBook Air for different installation types.

How to uninstall Mac apps: From Docks

Delete or remove the app from your dock by dragging it to the trash can icon if you just want to remove it for a while. If that doesn’t work file removal is another option. You can do this by running an uninstaller within your Applications folder.


  1. Open Launchpad.
  2. Press and hold the option key.
  3. Click x on the app icon’s top.
  4. Finally, click Delete.
How to delete apps on your Mac

There are times when you find an app that you might want to remove, but it won’t let you delete it.

How to uninstall or delete MacBook apps that are frozen

When you install third-party apps in your Mac computer, due to the level of security iOS users enjoy, they may not uninstall when you click on “Move to Trash” in the Launchpad. The best way to deal with such an unresponsive app is: in Launchpad: hold down the Option key and then click and hold on the app icon and wait till the other icons in the folder start wiggling then click the X remove sign to delete the app.

Uninstall Mac apps using Finder

  1. Open Finder > Applications.
  2. Right-click on the app you want to delete.
  3. Click on Move to Trash.
  4. You might have to enter the password.
  5. Now Right-click the Trash icon and empty it.

To uninstall a bundled app

Follow the steps below to uninstall such apps. Mac App Store: 1. Click on the Apple icon in the top left corner, then choose ‘App Store’ from menu that pops up. 3. Select an app and then click the ‘X’ button at the top of the screen. This will be a greyed out button if you have no apps installed yet. 4. You can also drag a selected app to the bottom of the screen to the trash bin to uninstall it.

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