How to use digital touch and heartbeat on apple watch

How to use digital touch and heartbeat on apple watch

Apple watch Digital Touch
How to use Digital Touch on Apple Watch

With Digital Touch, you can send sketches, taps, or even your heartbeat to any friend with an Apple Watch. Apple watch Digital Touch.

Open Apple watch Digital Touch.

Apple watch Digital Touch

  • Press the side button to see your friends,
  • then tap a friend and tap the Digital Touch button below the photo.
  • You only see the Digital Touch icon if your friend has an Apple Watch.

You can also Practice Digital Touch. Just, Tap  on the Digital Touch screen for tips and to practice before sending.

Send a Digital Touch Apple watch

Send a sketch, a pattern of taps, or your heartbeat. In the illustrations that follow, the image on the left shows what is sent, and the image on the right shows the notification received.
To experience a Digital Touch someone has sent, just tap a notification. Send a sketch. Draw on the screen.

Send a tap.

Tap the screen to send a single tap or tap repeatedly to send a tap pattern.

Share your heartbeat.

heartbeat on apple watch

Place two fingers on the display until you feel your heartbeat and see it animated on the screen.

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Apple watch Digital Touch.