If your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch is lost or stolen | How to find a lost iphone that is turned off

If you lose your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch or think it might be stolen, these steps might help you find it and protect your data. When your phone is lost or stolen, you’re not only without your connection to the world but also out a lot of money. Find it fast with these tips. Track Your Lost iPhone Or iPad & Find It Using iCloud. Important note:

If you haven’t activated “Find My iPhone / iPad / Mac” when you set up your device, this method won’t work. Although you can download the official “Find My iPhone” app on the App Store, Here’s how to track and find your lost Apple device using Find My iPhone, whether it’s been lost or stolen – and even if the battery’s died.

Find My iPhone app allows you to use another iOS device to locate your missing iPhone on a map, protect your private data, display a message, play a sound. Let’s say your iPhone does go missing—what then? Visit iCloud.com from any computer, log in, then click Find My iPhone. Locate a missing iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or Mac on a map, lock it remotely, and erase your data to protect your privacy.

Lost your iPhone? Here’s how to use Apple’s iCloud service to find it, or, if necessary, delete all the data on it.

What to do if your mobile was stolen

Do not let them use personal information, notify the police.

When you discover that your cell phone has been stolen, dozens of thoughts run through your head at the same time. Normally for a few minutes you are blocked without knowing what to do. Once those “heart attack” minutes pass, you try to figure out how to act. In the worst case, if you have actually stolen the iPhone, you can follow these steps: 

find iphone ipad lost or stolen and turned off
find iphone ipad lost or stolen and turned off

1 Use the “Search my iPhone” app

First of all, use the “Search my iPhone” App from another device to locate your iPhone on a map. 

The “Search my iPhone” App will   find it among the functions of “iCloud”. This way, in case of losing the cell phone, we can have a follow up. Or you can visit the iCloud website  http://www.icloud.com/find , put your ID and password and on a map you will get the exact location of your device

However, this option is not always effective. The iPhone despite being locked can be turned off and this way you lose the location of your device. Normally, in the event of theft they turn it off and can no longer be located. Therefore, in my opinion I think this option is difficult to work, but all the measures we take are few.

2 File a complaint

If you have definitely stolen the iPhone, go to the local authorities in the city where they stole it . Once you have filed the complaint, the police may intervene in the search for the cell phone. The Apple company does not have a process to track lost or stolen products. However, you can use My Support Profile to see a list of serial numbers of products purchased or registered with your Apple ID. Go to My Support Profile * .

3 Notify the company

If the stolen cell phone belongs to the company for which you work, you should notify it as soon as possible. It is even advisable to notify the company before submitting the report to the police, since its corporate department may be able to prevent the thief from accessing private information of the business.

4 Change iPhone or iPad passwords

Do not let the thief gain access to other accounts whose passwords you have saved on the stolen iPhone . Change passwords, such as e-mail, to prevent the thief from sending messages from your phone . Do not forget to change the access password to the bank account, iTunes , and other important account passwords to prevent identity theft or financial theft.

5 Call the company and cancel the account

If your cell is stolen, call your phone company  to report the theft and  have the account linked to the lost phone number suspended .

6 Do not try to get it back for yourself, ask the police for help

If you have been able to locate your iPhone through a GPS location application, such as “Search for my iPhone”, contact the Police Department where you submitted the report and make sure you have the information handy. If you have additional information about the location of the stolen phone, the police could intervene right away.

7 Clear Data

If you can not recover the iPhone that you have stolen, it is taking too long and you think it will be impossible to find it, delete all the data on the phone . You can do this over the Internet with MobileMe or some of the tracking apps. This will not prevent the thief from using the cell phone, but at least you will not have access to the personal data.

8 Call the insurance company

If you are using an insurance company, and the policy covers theft, be sure to call the company. Having a police report will be of great help. The ideal thing would be to recover the phone with the help of the Police, but if you do not get it you must report the situation to the insurance company and meanwhile they will help you to replace the stolen iPhone.

If Find My iPhone is enabled on your missing device

You can use Find My iPhone to find your device and take additional actions that can help you recover it and keep your data safe.

  1. Sign in to icloud.com/find on a Mac or PC, or use the Find My iPhone app on another iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.
  2. Find your device. Open Find My iPhone, and select a device to view its location on a map. If the device is nearby, you can have it play a sound to help you or someone nearby find it.
  3. Turn on Lost Mode. Using Lost Mode, you can remotely lock your device with a passcode, display a custom message with your phone number on your missing device’s Lock screen, and keep track of your device’s location. If you added credit or debit cards to Apple Pay, the ability to make payments using Apple Pay on the device is suspended when you put your device in Lost Mode.
  4. Report your lost or stolen device to local law enforcement. Law enforcement might request the serial number of your device. Find your device serial number.
  5. Erase your device. To prevent anyone else from accessing the data on your missing device, you can erase it remotely. When you erase your device, all of your information (including credit or debit cards for Apple Pay) is deleted from the device, and you won’t be able to find it using Find My iPhone. After you erase a device, you can’t track it. If you remove the device from your account after you erase it, Activation Lock will be turned off. This allows another person to activate and use your device.
  6. Report your lost or stolen device to your wireless carrier, so they can disable your account to prevent calls, texts, and data use. Your device might be covered under your wireless carrier plan.

If you use Family Sharing, any family member can help locate another member’s missing device. Just have your family member sign in to iCloud with their Apple ID, and you can find any device associated with that Family Sharing account.

What if your device is off or offline?

If your missing device is off or offline, you can still put it in Lost Modelock it, or remotely erase it. The next time your device is online, these actions will take effect. If you remove the device from your account while it’s offline, any pending actions for the device is cancelled.

How do you turn off or cancel Lost Mode?

You can turn off Lost Mode by entering the passcode on your device. You can also turn off Lost Mode on iCloud.com or from the Find My iPhone app.

If Find My iPhone isn’t enabled on your missing device

If you didn’t turn on Find My iPhone before your device was lost or stolen, you can’t use it to locate your device. However, you can use these steps to help protect your data:

  1. Change your Apple ID password. By changing your Apple ID password you can prevent anyone from accessing your iCloud data or using other services (such as iMessage or iTunes) from your missing device.
  2. Change the passwords for other internet accounts on your device. This could include email accounts, Facebook, or Twitter.
  3. Report your lost or stolen device to local law enforcement. Law enforcement might request the serial number of your device. Find your device serial number.
  4. Report your lost or stolen device to your wireless carrier. Your carrier can disable the account, preventing phone calls, texts, and data use.

Find My iPhone is the only way that you can track or locate a lost or missing device. If Find My iPhone isn’t enabled on your device before it goes missing, there is no other Apple service that can find, track, or otherwise flag your device for you.

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