How to increase battery Life: Laptop Battery Minimum energy consumption

The average battery life of a portable four years ago was just over three hours. Today, with new Ultrabook ™ systems you can enjoy more than ten hours of autonomy.

What does that mean to you? Laptop Battery Minimum energy consumption 

You can see hours of movies equipped with the 4th generation Intel® Core ™ processor systems. Even you can see the whole saga of Bourne on a trip from Madrid to New York!

Minimum energy consumption

One reason has increased autonomy 1 is that the new laptops are much better than the old energy saving, even better than just four years ago. Many new notebooks like the system Ultrabook ™ 2 in 1 , which is a tablet anytime and laptop when you need it , come equipped with hard drives solid state, long battery life and energy – efficient screens, and all are designed to minimize energy consumption.


Improve Battery Life in Laptops, Macbook, windows, iPhone’s

So if you can not wait to sink his teeth into The Hunger Games or True Blood, a system with greater autonomy it is essential for performance laptop that will hold the rhythm of your work, your creativity and your game.

How to increase battery Life: Laptop Battery Minimum energy consumption
How to increase battery Life: Laptop Battery Minimum energy consumption

Fun things to do with your laptop on the go: Laptop Battery Minimum energy consumption 

Have you ever thought about all the fun things you can do when you’re not tied to plug because of your laptop? Discover how different and fun that life can be when you have a system that holds your pace wherever you go.

Laptop Battery Minimum energy consumption

  • Go to the beach and enjoy a wide broadcast of The Voice season.
  • Buy shoes while savoring a cappuccino at your favorite coffee shop.
  • Share your video by kite-surfing in Mauritius with your friends.
  • Enchant your cartoons with environmental awareness from your garden hammock.
  • A rainy day in the campsite? Head over all day watching episodes of The Big Bang Theory from the comfort of your store.
  • Advances in your projects consulting mails while you’re on the subway on the way to work.




How to maximize the autonomy of your laptop

To make the most of the autonomy of your laptop, the golden rule is to use the battery you have left as sparingly as possible. his is generally achieved: Laptop Battery Minimum energy consumption

  1. Lowering the screen brightness.
  2. Reducing the time spent until the display turns off.
  3. Adjusting the energy plan.

Improve Battery Life in Laptops, macbook, windows, iPhone’s

Did you know… Laptop Battery Minimum energy consumption 

These simple adjustments to the power settings allow a notebook to keep the battery running longer and even reduce the electricity bill. slightly adjusting the intensity of the screen and adjusting the sleep mode setting, a computer can save up to 20% battery.


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