Install carrier blocked apps on android

Download incompatible apps from the Android Market Using Market Helper  that Enables Incompatible Apps on Rooted Android Phones

Install carrier blocked apps on android
Install carrier blocked apps on android

Android (rooted): Every once in awhile, you hit up the Play Store only to find that the app you want “isn’t compatible with your device.” Want to try it anyway? Market Helper gives you the power to do so.

Sometimes, apps are incompatible just because they weren’t made or tested on your device, or because they have a few bugs (but are otherwise usable). This isn’t always the case, but it can happen. If you’ve got your mind set on trying that app, Market Helper will let you “spoof” your device so the Play Store sees it as another phone, tablet, carrier, or region. Just open it up, choose a device for which the app is compatible, and head back to the Play Store. You should find that app is available to download and install. Whether it works, of course, is another story.

Market Helper 2.0.4 – Install carrier blocked apps on android

This app only has one purpose – it uses the unofficial android market api to get info about other apps that are on the Google Play Store. It can get info about an app’s description, category, price, etc. on the Google Play Store. The info is used in other apps (like ROM Toolbox or Ultimate Backup) to create app groups or show you additional information about one of your installed apps.

The reason this is a separate app is because of the permissions it requires. This app is open source, which means you can know exactly what the app does. The permissions to your accounts is only used to generate a token used in the Android Market API. This is explained here:

How to use? Install carrier blocked apps on android

1. Download and install the app:

2. Open the app. Select the device and carrier you want to change to ( [P] = Phone, [T] = Tablet )

3. Press Activate. Wait until it’s done

4. IMPORTANT: go to Android Device Manager to update the change ( just visit the page, you don’t need to do anything ). I’ll find a way to bypass this step in later versions

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