How to Install macOS High Sierra Public Beta on Your Mac

How to Install macOS High Sierra Public Beta on Your Mac? Apple has recently rolled out the MacOS High Sierra public beta update. Most of the Mac OS user’s are waiting for new features. If you want to explore new features as early as possible before it is available for general users.

Apple says that this is a quick and simple installation process, and that after installing the beta software you will be able to choose to enable the feature with either a Control+V command or by holding the Option key while selecting Update Software from the Mac App Store.

I have created this article specifically for those who are installing macOS High Sierra Public Beta, but it should be noted that the instructions for doing so are the same for all future public betas of macOS.

Then follow the below article to know how you can download and install MacOS High Sierra Beta version on your Mac System. The first thing you will have to do is to; first, register your account for the public beta program. 

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If, in the past you have already had joined Apple beta program, then you don’t have to signup for it again. You just have to sign in using your Apple ID and password. then, you have to enroll your Mac device to the apple Public beta program.To, Make sure everything goes well, just make sure that you have the latest backup of your Mac. If you don’t know how to backup your Mac OS machine, then you can follow this article – Time Machine: Backup and Restore Mac Using Time Machine. or you can also use third-party software to automatically your Mac.

If at all possible, we highly encourage you to be part of the beta program. Not only will you receive early access to a number of improvements and bug fixes that are being developed, but you’ll also get a much better idea of what’s in store for High Sierra.

The beta features are not indicative of things to come, but they’re there to illustrate how the new OS will work in some specific scenarios. In other words, if the beta works fine for you, the final release should look more or less the same.

Recommendation: If you really want to use and Install macOS High Sierra Public Beta on Your Mac, then i would suggest you to installing this beta OS on your secondary Mac OS device.

How to Sign Up for the macOS High Sierra public Beta

Step #1. IN the first step Just Go and Open Safari on your Mac system and then type, then enter.

Step #2. Now you have to  Sign up for Apple beta program.

Note: If you have already signed up for Apple Public beta program, then just click sign in and enter your Apple id with password. and directly jump over to “How to Download and Install macOS High Sierra.”

Step #3. After entering your Apple ID and password.  Click Sign in to open your Apple public beta program account.

Step #4. Now you have to make sure  that you have selected macOS tab.

Step #5. Scroll down a bit and select or click on enroll your device link which you can see under Get Started section.

Step #6. Now you have to Select or Click on macOS High Sierra public beta profile button which you can see under Download the public beta access utility to start the download process.

Step #7. Just, Save the Apple beta program profile on your Mac desktop.

Downloading and Installing macOS High Sierra Public Beta

Step #1. Now you have to Open the beta profile Apple beta program profile you have just downloaded.

Then, to install it, you just have to double-click the package.

Step #2. It will open the Mac App store Updates section after the installer has finished downloading.

Step #3. Now, you have to Select or click on Update to download and install the Apple Public beta program. Your Mac will automatically restart after the software has been downloaded.

Note: If your Mac app store Updates tab is not showing beta update then you must  restart your Mac and then re-launch the Mac App Store and click the Updates tab.

Step #4. Once macOS High Sierra Public Beta has been downloaded, it will automatically open. If macOS High Sierra Public Beta doesn’t open automatically then you must open it manually.

Step #5. Just click or select Continue.

If you backed up your Mac, Click cancel. And, If you didn’t backed up your Mac, click Continue in the dropdown.

Step #6. Just click Continue after your backup is complete.

Step #7. Now you just have to accept  the terms and conditions and then click Agree again to confirm.

Step #8. Now just select the Mac drive on which you want to install.

Step #9. Select or Click Install you may be asked to enter your administrator password.

Step #10. Click OK and then hit Restart.

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