iPhone 6s A9 Processor and M9 Co-processor, 64-bit, faster CPU and GPU, Powerful and efficient

iPhone 6s A9 Processor and M9 Co-processor most advanced Processors

iPhone 6s A9 Processor and M9 Co-processor
iPhone 6s A9 Processor and M9 Co-processor

iPhone 6s A9 Processor, iPhone 6s Plus A9 Processor, Apple M9 coprocessor

The A9 chip brings a new level of performance and efficiency to iPhone 6s. Not only a faster experience, but a better one. The A9 chip is capable of gaming console—class graphics performance that makes games and other apps much richer and more immersive.

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iPhone 6s A9 Processor – 64-bit desktop-class architecture -A8 vs A9 Processor

iPhone 6S Processor A9 chip is our third-generation chip with 64-bit architecture. It sits at the cutting edge of mobile chips, improving overall CPU performance by up to 70 percent compared to the previous generation. And boosting graphics performance by up to a staggering 90 percent compared to the previous generation. The iPhone 6s and 6s Plus are powered by a next-generation A9 chip that offers faster performance while also being more energy efficient, cutting down on overall power usage. The A9 is 70 percent faster at CPU tasks and 90 percent faster at GPU tasks than the A8 in the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, which was already an impressive chip. Below are A9 Processor Specs:

  • 70% faster CPU then A8
  • 90% faster GPU then A8

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Apple M9 coprocessor is more efficient now

Apple this time has integrated M9 motion coprocessor directly into the A9 chip. The reason behind this was to increase efficiency and longevity of the tasks so you can do more, for longer periods of time, with great performance and battery life. The M9 motion coprocessor in the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus is also able to measure walking and running pace in addition to steps, distance, and elevation changes. Apple M9 connects to the accelerometer, compass, gyroscope, and barometer for a wide range of fitness tracking capabilities. With iPhone 6s, you can now measure your running or walking pace in addition to your steps, distance, and elevation changes. The integrated M9 works so efficiently and intelligently that Siri is always on and waiting for your voice commands. You can easily activate Siri by saying “Hey Siri” whenever your iPhone 6s is nearby.

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