iPhone 7 Design; Amoled iPhone 7?

iPhone 7 Design; Amoled iPhone 7?
iPhone 7 Design; Amoled iPhone 7

iPhone 7 Design; Amoled iPhone 7?

Apple has always been skeptical of AMOLED displays, preferring LCD IPS, but the company could eventually change his tune next year.

The AMOLED and Apple that never got along, Tim Cook has also repeatedly stated that colors, especially bright, did not satisfy him. Except that since there was the Apple Watch and P-OLED display and the Galaxy S6, which have probably the best displays on the market. Apple will therefore think twice, and could eventually decide to opt for the AMOLED.

It is reported that the Korean media ETNews , translated by G for Games . Apple is currently in talks with Samsung and would conduct tests with AMOLED screens. They are intended to equip the future iPhone and iPad (and probably the Apple Watch). However the company has not yet made its decision. The signature should be affixed in the month of November. iPhone 7 Design; Amoled iPhone 7?

The thing would have primary benefit lower energy consumption since blacks are truly black on an OLED screen. The downside is the color rendering, when the technology is poorly controlled. However, Samsung now has experience in the field. Also add that get their hands on this technology may allow longer term to have curved screens. iPhone 7s Edge? iPhone 7 Design; Amoled iPhone 7?

The Wall Street Journal China Edition (via Phone Arena) has claimed citing a source out of South Korea that Apple has signed a 3-year deal with Samsung to supply OLED panels for its future iPhones. The source went on to say that Samaung has been asked to produce at least 100 million 5.5-inch AMOLED panels.

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