iPhone 7s or iPhone 8 2017 Release a dream for Apple

“For years, Apple Chief Design Officer Jony Ive has expressed a desire for the iPhone to appear like a single sheet of glass, according to people familiar with the matter,” WSJ reporters wrote. “The current design ideas for the 2017 iPhones are expected to push the handsets in that direction by eliminating much of the bezel around the display with the OLED screen.”

iPhone 8 2017 Release

It all sounds very fancy and kind of well worth the wait if everything pans out as described above. However one big question remains: if this is the case, and iPhone sales stalled in 2016, how in the heck is Apple going to sell the iPhone 7 as a viable alternative to the iPhone 6s when EVERYBODY now knows it is saving all the BIG changes for 2017?

MacRumors spotted a report from an analyst at Barclay’s that claims Apple will ditch the “S” model of the iPhone 7 and jump directly to the iPhone 8 in 2017.

The headphone jack has worked for 50 years and it can work for another 50 more because it’s universal.

Headphones I plug into my iPhone work in an Android phone, in a BlackBerry, in my computer, in my PS4 controller, in my tablet, in any speaker with audio-out, and so on.

I can walk into any electronics store and pick up a pair of headphones and not have to worry about compatibility with any of my devices. I know it’ll work.

Indeed, because Apple releases two iPhones in a single generation (iPhone 6, iPhone 6s), we’d usually expect the iPhone 7 in the Fall of 2016, and an iPhone 7s in the Fall of 2017

Fortunately, John Gruber’s already laid out the likely options over at Daring Fireball:

  1. Wireless earbuds
  2. Wireless earbuds and a Lightning adapter
  3. Lightning earbuds
  4. Lightning earbuds and a Lightning adapter
  5. The existing 3.5mm earbuds and a Lightning adapter

“I’d prefer ‘good enough’ wireless earbuds included with the iPhone,” says Gruber, “and ‘amazing’ headphones as the upsell product.”

Making predictions about the upcoming performance of Apple stock, analysts at Credit Suisse have forecast that the iPhone 8, to be released on the iPhone’s 10-year anniversary in 2017 (skipping the ‘S’ generation in recognition of its major updates) will feature “significant innovations” such as a full-glass OLED screen, new and upgraded haptic feedback features, wireless charging and numerous major specs improvements including the camera and processor.

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