Three key reasons to choose the iPhone SE

Reasons to choose the iPhone SE

Did you think that small and with good benefits Smartphones had come to an end? Apple has decided to break away from the trend of the sector with the iPhone SE. Will it be done for you?

Are you a diehard follow Apple products? Want to buy your first Smartphone or renew your iPhone 5S? The latest development of Cupertino has surprised many: the iPhone has, far from following the trend of other brands, wanted to persist in the idea of being a good phone but with compact dimensions.

In my opinion, the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus have molded themselves perfectly to the demands of most modern users, looking at your phone to have a sufficiently comprehensive tool to leave forgotten laptop or tablet. Does accommodate today a phone with 4 “screen?

Compact and manageable – Reasons to choose the iPhone SE

The main reason to buy the iPhone is the size , plain and simple. Today, mobile midrange and high – end screens tend to offer between 5 “and 5.5”, which is an increase of the physical dimensions of the product. How manageable is an iPhone 6S Plus? Do not you dare answer a message with one hand.

With the iPhone SE recovers something that had always boasted at the offices of Apple, driving the phone with one hand:  a width of 5.86 cm is enough bounded to a small hand reaches well to corners of the virtual keyboard.  Reasons to choose the iPhone SE

A small product is also more viable in the face host it in tiny pockets or, in the case of athletes, so their presence is not noticed as much when you go running or sport is practiced in a gym: it is also a reality that the 30 grams of difference between the SE and 6S will notice any user. Do you usually carry the phone in the front pocket of a shirt?

Another of the positive aspects size has to do with the grip of the product itself: either a small or a big hand, the iPhone will hold more firmly and even be more protected by ourselves.

High-end feel

Some time ago things have changed, and when one looks compact mobile screens 3.5 “or 4” impossible to find options with good quality finishes: plastic and simplicity in the end are the predominant note. What does the iPhone SE? Luxury finishes that, in addition to performance, you feel it purchased as nice to look at as solid once it is held in the hand.

The new iPhone brings a front face glass, which contains the Retina 4 screen “, with the remainder of the structure of polished aluminum satin: the edges are beveled, the brand logo is made of stainless steel and the glass covering the back camera is Sapphire.  Reasons to choose the iPhone SE

What can and you should be done to avoid the risk of breakage of the front face? To date there is a good collection of  screensavers for iPhone SE , either a thin plastic sheet or a sheet of tempered glass : you can invest  in something simple and focus on quality with a protective.  Reasons to choose the iPhone SE

The iPhone follows the line SE model 5S, with sober look, a good setting for each of the components and elegance that will provide each of the four colors to choose from . For those who do not want to compromise on quality, but require an infinitely more manageable product, Apple’s new phone is the only option to view screen 4 “and a tremendously limited dimensions.

12MP iSight camera, without sacrificing performance

Are the phones with screens 5 “and 5.5” the only ones who are going to look high – level performance? Apple breaks with the norm by launching the iPhone SE: if we do not consider the amount corresponding to the “screen”, other phone specifications have been careful enough: 16GB or 64GB of internal memory, an Apple A9 processor , fingerprint sensor , autonomy calls until 14pm and 4G / LTE connectivity.

What is the most important attribute of this iPhone? I consider that it is the rear iSight: although one will get maximum resolution of 12MP , my experience base with the iPhone 6 Plus and gives me enough to confirm that the results will be very outstanding with this new Smartphone information.

The iPhone will behave as a good compact digital camera always on hand and ready for the case of wanting to share an image through social networks or Instagram. You have before you a wonderful view? The power take photos panoramic up to 63MP give much game, for perhaps one wants to print on paper and exposing it big in a large room.

On the other hand, it should also be considered optical image stabilization and the ability to record sequences in quality 4K : if the intention is to squeeze the iPhone for video, the best thing will be bet on the version with 64GB of internal memory.   Reasons to choose the iPhone SE

Is it worth buying an Apple iPhone ? Yes, as long as the following are met: first, it must be abasic condition to want a small phone and ultra manageable; secondly, even being aware that play and explore web pages will not be key activities, you do not want to give up a performance tuned;and thirdly, the phone will be used regularly to take pictures.

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