Le Syvrac; A smart bike with 4GB of RAM

Le Syvrac is the name of this technological bicycle carrying a smartphone docked on the handlebars through which you can receive messages and calls, measure your heart rate or connect to a navigation system with maps of your city, while pedaling.
Le Syvrac; A smart bike with 4GB of RAM
Le Syvrac; A smart bike with 4GB of RAM

Sometimes, technology makes an effort not to disrupt the natural cycle of life or develop products that help us keep mode more sustainable and respectful life with the environment. In recent years, the cycling culture has settled in most large cities of our country, claiming the clean mobility as part of that social consciousness.

Well, urban cyclists and, in general, lovers of bicycles as transportation enjoy with news like this.This is the appearance of a technological bicycle very striking. Or what is the same, a kind of hybrid bike design and next – generation mobile phone.

This smart bike has been presented with the name of Le Syvrac , and the father of the child is Leeco , a Chinese technology company manufacturing electronic products in addition to bet on a new mobility for the future.

Le Syvrac leads anchored to the handlebar smartphone, which offers all the connectivity you expect to get from an Android. It has a Quad-core processor and 4GB of RAM and through its menu can handle a series of commands to, for example, receive messages or calls and listen to music (setting the volume to your preference). It is also possible to activate a navigation system to display city maps or connect metric systems to record the parameters of your bicycle travel (kilometers traveled, travel time, etc.).

On the other hand, Le Syvrac has a sensor located on the handlebar grips to measure parameters such as your heart rate. It also has light indicators on the sides and rear (such as flashes a motorcycle) and literally throws rays laser , as a safety measure, yes, to indicate to other vehicles lateral distance of adequate security.

It also has a sensor that, with a simple movement of the hand, turn the front and rear lights, in times of shortage of light, and has a locking system that you can easily activate by pressing a button when you get off the bike. Le Syvrac also comes with a camera on the front for you to record your journeys. Both the camera and the Android device powered by a battery located next to the front wheel that while pedaling load and can also be easily loaded like any other electronic device through the corresponding port located on the bottom of the smartphone . If the battery has run out on your last trip, and have not had time to load, there is no problem, since it is possible circular bike discharged normally.

I can’t say that converging bikes with smartphones has ever felt like an obvious need, but there’s evidently a market for it, given that Acer just introduced a smart camera dedicated to cycling.

So far this smart bicycle is only available in China , but is scheduled marketing in other parts of the world later, and its price is between $ 800 (the basic model) and $ 6,000 (for models premium, with picture made of carbon fiber).

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