LG develops a screen that can read fingerprints

Screen that can read fingerprints

Technological innovation will happen the dedicated button but she will strengthen this fallible biometric protection?

After unbreakable screen (Motorola), LG has just introduced a screen smartphone incorporating the ability to read a fingerprint. Technically, the manufacturer says have “dig” a groove depth of 0.3 mm on the bottom of the screen cover glass to insert there a fingerprint sensor.

Screen that can read fingerprints
Screen that can read fingerprints

Advantages: technological innovation will happen the dedicated button and will avoid the problems of scratches or shocks a physical button. Disadvantage: If the screen breaks, the repair will risk being salty. Another question the effectiveness. LG announces a false positive rate of 0.002%.

Screen that can read fingerprints? Finally, there is the question of security. We know that fingerprint readers can be easily fooled. At the Chaos Communication Camp 2013, just months after the release of the iPhone 5, the hacker showed that security was only very relative and explained how to bypass this protection by photographing fingerprints before playing them to identical on a thin film of plastic, a sufficient process to deceive most sensors on the market and TouchID.

Screen that can read fingerprints
Security technology firm Sonavation recently unveiled a novel means of embedding an ultrasonic fingerprint reader directly into a Gorilla Glass, A touch screen that reads fingerprints could make the technology more useful.lg


In 2014, a hacker demonstrated how a single photo could help recover fingerprints of an individual. And more recently , researchers at the University of Michigan have, in less than 15 minutes, deceive the system of Samsung Galaxy S6 and Huawi Honor 7. Screen that can read fingerprints

Provided of course to recover the fingerprint of the phone owner, they took was to achieve a high resolution printing on glossy paper and a specific ink via a simple basic printer inkjet.

South Korea does not specify when this technology will be integrated into its devices. Screen that can read fingerprints

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