How long does the battery of your laptop Last? Extend your laptop battery life

Allow portable way we work is different, we can travel anywhere in the world and bring the laptop with us. However, despite the benefits one of the biggest weaknesses are the few hours it takes the battery and then the short life of the same. Find out how to optimize your energy and give long life to the battery of your laptop.

Few months ago to change portable and like any new toy, you want to ruin not so soon, so I searched some tips for my laptop battery last longer. The battery of the previous laptop was ruined after 6 months and have it kept me connected all the time have you spent them? really it is annoying. This reminds me of the Apple MacBook Pro 17 “ that your battery lasts up to 8 hours, nonremovable, with a cost of $ 179; but for those who can not afford, I share with you these tips am implementing my new laptop. Extend your laptop battery life

Extend your laptop battery life
Extend your laptop battery life

For Apple users: Extend your laptop battery life

battery of your laptop Last
battery of your laptop Last

I found on the official site of Apple a section where they teach you how to maximize the battery life of your laptop.Among its recommendations mentioned:

  • Temperature: as better your Apple notebook works is between 10 ° and 35 ° C; in the storage, we recommend that you keep at temperatures between -20 ° and 45 ° C, but the ideal is that you have, as far as possible, at a moderate temperature (22 ° C).
  • Brightness darkens the screen to the lowest possible level that is comfortable for you to get the most out of the battery.
  • When not using the notebook for a long time: be sure to charge it at least once a month and do not store fully discharged to give you trouble not charging it.
  • Energy: the Saver control panel offers several settings that determine the levels of energy consumption of your MacBook.
  • AirPort wireless networks use current even no use to connect to a network; to save energy you can disable it from your control panel. As with external as USB or CD-Rom peripherals.

For PC users: Extend your laptop battery life

Extend your laptop's battery life
battery of your laptop Last: Extend your laptop’s battery life
  • Screen consumes a lot of energy resource by the brightness that displays the content. To optimize that energy, you can lower the intensity to your screen to save power.
  • Power change: In this case Windows Vista have features that allow you to improve the battery performance. Look for the option of saving energy in the home button.
  • Wireless networks it is important to turn off the Wi-Fi when you’re not using because wireless networks typically consume energy even when not in operation.There are portable that allow you to manually disable the wireless adapter and an older permit from the Control Panel.
  • Use of peripherals: peripherals such as USB can be a source of energy but do not use them , be sure not to have continuous from USB if you are not using as webcams, mouse, memories, etc.
  • Using CD or DVD: if for any reason you left a CD or DVD into your CD-Rom and your laptop is disconnected do not doubt that this device may be consuming part of the energy available, be sure to eject to avoid unnecessary consumption.
  • Disables some things: for those using Windows Vista can take simple steps like turning off Windows Aero and Windows Sidebar is how your notebook will become more efficient.

With these tips the battery will last you a bit more, but it is important to remember that batteries have a limited life cycles of loading / unloading. Each time you download your battery and charge it again, you approach a step further at the end of its useful life. The more you work with power and less battery Rely better.

I hope you work and you can share any other tips that have worked for you how you give long  battery life of your laptop? How long does the battery of your laptop? Extend your laptop battery life

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