How to Set Up LED Flash Alerts on Your iPhone

How to make iphone flash for notificationsHow to make the flash flicker on the iPhone when they call me? How to have your iPhone’s flash blink when receiving calls or messages?

Usually iPhone users are accustomed to receive our notifications in the form of sound or vibration . In many other phones, we also have the possibility that our notifications are alerted us by the use of an LED , which can alert us according to the origin of the notification even in several colors.

How to make iphone flash for notifications
How to make iphone flash for notifications

There are many devices that, in addition to acoustic warning and vibration, also include a visual alert. This visual alert is usually an LED that tells us that they are or have been called. Some of these devices also have an LED that emits a different color light depending on the application you have notified us, such as green for WhatsApp, blue for Skype or orange for a missed call. At the moment there is no iPhone that has such an LED, but we can do that the flash comes on when a notification comes in.

If I have to be honest, to turn on the flash while we are calling does not seem to be very useful if we do not have hearing problems, since, in normal situations, whenever we have the iPhone nearby we will hear the warning or notice the vibration, But there may be situations where it would be interesting, for example, if we leave the phone on a table while we are having a party with loud music. And, of course, it will be useful for people with hearing problems . How to make iphone flash for notifications?

If we are iPhone users, we do not have this possibility today, and it seems that it will be difficult for us to have the same in the future, since Apple has never been a supporter of this option, nor does it appear with intention to include it in its next terminals Mobile phones .

From here, we offer a chance to remedy this, and is to use our flash as LED notification light . Just follow these steps to get started: How to Turn iPhone Flash into a Notification LED

  • Enter Settings .
  • Within Settings go to General .
  • Once in General click on Accessibility .
  • Finally, in the Audition section, slide your finger over the option for the alerts , and activate them.

With these simple steps, we can enjoy the closest thing to the LED notifications we find on other mobile devices, but in this case, on our iPhone. How to make iphone flash for notifications?

It should also be added that a key question regarding the activation of this option is whether it will cause the battery consumption to trip , and more, in the case that by our use of the iPhone, continuously over several hours, We are receiving notifications without pause. The answer, as we have observed, is that the battery consumption does not suffer in a very significant way , although we should observe its evolution and recommend to deactivate this option in case we have very little battery , because maybe if in the latter case, The consumption of the same could be more affected.

It clearly fulfills the function at the time we receive the notifications, but it is not a complete system. I would say that two things are missing for it to be:

  • Notification is not repeated . This means that it only serves the moment it sounds. It is a logical thing to take into account that the system that has included Apple is intended for people with hearing problems. We could say “And why does not continue to be illuminated to notify that there is a notification pending?”, Which has a very simple answer: the iPhone does not have a notification LED, this we know, but what it uses as such Is the photography flash. The camera flashes are designed to illuminate scenes and make them look good. These flashes consume a lot of energy, so if we get a notification, the flash is flashing and we are not ahead to stop it, chances are that, when we realize, the battery has gone down a lot.
  • Only notify with a color . Although the iPhone uses a True Tone flash that can emit light with different temperature colors from the iPhone 5s, flash notifications are always white. If a person with hearing problems sees that their iPhone warns them of something with a light, this person can not know until he or she approaches and sees the screen if the notification is a mention on Twitter, a WhatsApp or an alarm. Which can be a problem.

What we will surely see in the future is an accessory that complies as a notification LED . There have already been many projects of Kickstarter that have presented cases of this type, like the Lunacase that you have in the previous image that warns us that they are calling us and uses the energy coming from the iPhone. That is, it takes advantage of the energy around the device to emit the warning light.

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