The Journey to Becoming an Azure Solutions Architect Expert with Microsoft Exam AZ-301. How Can Exam Dumps Assist You? 

There’s no shortcut in becoming a Microsoft Certified: Azure Solutions Architect Expert. Every step holds a significant value in your journey. Thus, it’s relatively important that you are highly focused and determined in each step so you’ll earn your Microsoft certification meaningfully.

Becoming an Azure Solutions Architect Expert is definitely something that will mold you to be a more competent and effective professional. This technical certification requires you to pass two expert-level exams, namely AZ-300 and AZ-301. Since these certification exams are no longer on the easy-peasy level, then you need to exert more effort to ensure you complete these tests successfully.

Microsoft Exam AZ-301
Microsoft Exam AZ-301

Step 1: Evaluate your work experience

The very first step is to assess if your work experience fits the exam. AZ-301 is particularly suitable for experienced Azure solutions architects. These specific candidates must have a substantial work background in networking, data management, virtualization, governance, disaster recovery, and such. And through this experience, they must have involved themselves in advising stakeholders, managing decisions, and create unswerving solutions for the betterment of the organization. In general, it’s largely significant that you have worked in both Azure administration and development as well as in DevOps.

Step 2: Work on the prerequisites

Considering that Microsoft Certified: Azure Solutions Architect Expertcertification is already on the more challenging side, it’s best that you first earn a fundamental certification that is in line with your chosen specialization. In this case, the most suggested technical credential is Azure Fundamentals, which is made available through exam AZ-900. Microsoft AZ-900 is an impeccable tool to gain a solid groundwork of various cloud concepts, along with Azure services, pricing, and support. 

Step 3: Get to know the exam objectives

If you have completed AZ-900, you can now commence your test preparation for AZ-301. Knowing the exam objectives is the best possible way to understand the exam. And you can get more information about this exam content through the downloadable exam skills outline found on the official website. Take note of the changes made in the exam objectives last December 4, 2019. Though there aren’t significant updates with the main topics, it’s still important that you take into account the minor alterations for a successful exam. For your reference, the exam will evaluate your technical proficiency in certain tasks like scheming a data platform solution, defining workload requirements, managing both identity and security functions, forming a business continuity tactic, creating infrastructure strategies, and such.

The biggest exam percentage goes to identity and security; hence, you should give extra effort in understanding all its sub-topics. However, it’s imperative that you also master all the other areas so you won’t have to deal with any knowledge gaps.

Step 4: Prioritize the Microsoft official materials

Activate your study mode with the help of the officially recommended AZ-301 materials. Through Microsoft Learning, you’ll discover plenty of learning paths and modules that will rigorously present the exam objectives in detail. They have free online courses as well as paid instructor-led training. For the free course, the best option is the “Architect great solutions in Azure” that runs up to 4 hours and 25 minutes, with 5 comprehensive modules. For the instructor-led training, on the other hand, it’s advisable that you avail all four so you’ll obtain all the needed skills for the exam. These training courses are AZ-301T01-A, AZ-301T02-A, AZ-301T03-A, and AZ-301T04-A. Each of these courses will explicate the entirety of the exam subjects with the leadership of a Microsoft expert.

Step 5: Utilize the exam dumps of Exam-Labs

Answering many practice tests is a very effective studying technique. Thus, if you’re eyeing to ace your exam on your first take, don’t forget to add Exam-labs’ exam dumps in your prep materials. These exam dumps consist of the most updatedpractice questions with answers that improve your learning as well as your chances of earning a higher exam mark. The more you answer the exam dumps, the more you are accustomed to gaining new insights. Surely, this will increase the retention of the exam topics and make you feel more comfortable when you take the real test. At Exam-Labs you can find free vce files uploaded by the real exam-takers. Still, if you need to get the verified questions and answers, opt for the AZ-301 Premium Bundle or simply one premium file.

Step 6: Check out the videos on YouTube

If you’ve extra time for studying, make it more productive by checking out some short and long videos from successful exam takers or IT experts available on YouTube. Such people share with you the most essential tips and tricks to pass your AZ-301 test. In addition, you can find there more extensive and essential materials that will highly contribute to your success in the exam. On top of it, there are plenty of videos that you can use to strengthen your learning.

Step 7: Relax and schedule your exam

If you’ve finished all the prep materials, including all the training courses and practice tests, you can now schedule your exam. Remember to relax and give your best shot in answering the questions. It’s recommended that, at least a day before your exam, you will just take your time and don’t put pressure on yourself. So, during your scheduled day, you’ll be more at ease in taking the test.

ConclusionFocus your time and effort in planning out your goals. With your completion of AZ-301, together with AZ-300, you’ll be able to master your Azure skills to the fullest, gain the Microsoft Certified: Azure Solutions Architect Expert badge, andwill be able provide value to businesses. Therefore, it’s important to take it one step at a time, build your skills taking all the steps mentioned above including practice tests from Exam-Labs, and soon, you’ll be at the peak of your career!

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