How to Print a Protected PDF | Ways to Unlock a Secure PDF File

The PDF format is the most used when we want to share a document, since it is a format that regardless of the hardware of our computer and the operating system with which we work, it is possible to open it even from the browser without any problem. In addition, if the PDF file contains information that we do not want to be copied easily or even do not want the document to be printed, we can protect it. How to Print a Protected PDF , Ways to Unlock a Secure PDF File?

These protected PDF files do not allow anyone to select and copy their contents easily and may not even be able to be printed out by the printer. If you have encountered one of these problems with a PDF document that you have been sent, downloaded over the Internet or simply with some of your PDFs that you have protected and you do not remember how to unprotect, we will show below how we can easily unprotect them .

Delete passwords or restrictions to a protected PDF for printing

How to Print a Protected PDF , Ways to Unlock a Secure PDF File?

There are tools that have been designed for this, but we will show how we can print a protected PDF without installing anything on the computer. To do this, we will use some of the web services that allow us to remove the protection of a PDF file. PDFunlock is one of them and we can prove it simply by going to the pdfunlock website from this link.

How to Print a Protected PDF , Ways to Unlock a Secure PDF File (1)
How to Print a Protected PDF , Ways to Unlock a Secure PDF File (1)

Just enter the web what we have to do is upload the protected PDF that we want to print, something we can do or by selecting it from our computer, from Dropbox, Google Drive or simply by dragging and dropping the file. Anyway, once we have added the protected PDF, we only have to click on the Unlock button and will automatically start the process to remove the protection. Then we will have the PDF ready to print it.

Another of the most popular online service to unlock PDF so that you can print without problems is Unlock-pdf . As in PDFunlock, the first thing we have to do is go to the unlock-pdf website and select the file that we want to unprotect for later clicking on the Unlock File button! Which is shown just below.

To remove passwords or other restrictions on a PDF, we can also go to the crackmypdf site . Here we are going to find another useful online tool with which we will be able to remove all restrictions from a PDF so that it can be edited or printed without any problems. As in previous sites, simply select the file and press Unlock to get the PDF without restrictions.

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