How to put emergency contact on iphone 6 lock screen

Set up your medical data in the Health app on your iPhone? How to put emergency contact on iphone 6 lock screen?

Uses medical data to store important health information. In case of problems, the health services will have access to essential medical information from the blocked screen, without needing to know your code.

How to put emergency contact on iphone 6 lock screen
How to put emergency contact on iphone 6 lock screen

Medical data includes information about you that can be very important in an emergency, such as allergies and other health problems, as well as contact information. In the Health app you can create medical data that can be accessed without unlocking the iPhone. How to Access Medical ID from Lock Screen in iOS 10 on iPhone/iPad?

Set up your medical data

To make it possible to access important health information in an emergency, you can configure your medical data in the iPhone Health app. How to put emergency contact on iphone 6 lock screen?

Create your medical data:

  1. Open Health and tap Medical Data> Edit.
  2. Enter your contacts in case of emergency and information of sanitary interest like date of birth, height and sanguine type.
  3. Active View when locked so medical data is available on the locked screen. In case of emergency, those who assist you will have important information, such as emergency contacts that you have entered.
  4. When finished, press OK.

Make an emergency call and access medical data

If an iPhone contains medical data, you can view emergency medical information on the device or make an emergency call. To see the medical data, open the Health app and tap Medical data. If your iPhone is locked, follow these steps:

  1. Press the start button.
  2. Press SOS.
  3. On the emergency call screen, you can make a call or press Medical Data to view the emergency medical information stored on the device.

Register as an organ donor

In the United States, you can register as an organ donor in the Medical Data section of the Health app. Follow these steps:

  1. Open Health and press Medical Data.
  2. In Organ Donation, click on Donate Life.
  3. Fill out the registration form and, when you are finished, press Continue at the bottom of the screen.
  4. Confirm the registration, and then tap Complete Record in Donate Life.

You can edit information shared with Donate Life at any time. Simply open the Health app, tap Medical data and, under Organ Donor Registry, click Edit. To revoke the log, scroll to the bottom of the Edit screen and press Unsubscribe.

For information on Donate Life America’s privacy policy, visit their website.  

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