Research Cortana in Windows 10 is only Edge and Bing

The research Cortana in Windows 10 is only Edge and Bing

Technology: Now when users conduct research within Windows 10, they will not be able to do that through Bing and Edge browser. The reasons for this exclusivity.

Microsoft declares Cortana search box as Bing- and Edge-only turf
Microsoft declares Cortana search box as Bing- and Edge-only turf

Microsoft announced a change in the integrated search its operating system Windows 10. This change is effective since April 28, and the publisher began to inform users, that change will apply without intervention.

Users searching for their browser in Windows 10 – whether Edge, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox or another – they will not be affected by this decision by Microsoft. They remain free to use the search engine of their choice.

A change for the benefit of users of Windows 10

This change only affects those using Cortana directly to research or those who use the search box to Cortana, integrated by default in the Windows task bar 10. So any Web search will be made exclusively through Bing and Edge, both Microsoft products.

Advanced Microsoft justification: the construction of research experiences increasingly integrated involving Cortana and Edge, and the publisher wants to ensure a consistent experience from start to finish.

Here is the explanation provided officially by the firm on his blog:

“Unfortunately, as Windows 10 progressed in adoption and use, we found that some software circumvent the design of Windows 10 and you redirect to search providers that were not designed to work with Cortana. The result is a compromised experience, less reliable and predictable. The continuity of these types of tasks is disrupted if Cortana can not depend on Bing as a search engine and Microsoft Edge as navigator. ”  Cortana in Windows 10 is only Edge and Bing


A boost to Bing and Edge

Microsoft plans to continue the work to make the search experience Cortana / Bing even more integrated with its Windows 10 operating system but make Bing and Edge, the default combination for research is the only way to guarantee users use the scenario as designed by Microsoft. Officially.

Over time, Microsoft has integrated Bing to a growing number of its products. Recently, the Bing activity of the publisher finally became profitable . During the presentation of the latest financial results, the leaders of the firm stressed that the presence of its search tool in Windows 10 had significantly contributed to its monetization goals for its OS . Cortana in Windows 10 is only Edge and Bing

The publisher, however, would also increase the number of users of its browser Edge. Partly because of the lack of support for extensions – a function that will happen in Windows 10 this summer with the Anniversary Update – the results recorded by Edge did not respond to Microsoft’s expectations. Cortana in Windows 10 is only Edge and Bing

3 thoughts on “Research Cortana in Windows 10 is only Edge and Bing”

  1. C’mon! And Microsoft has the aplomb to claim that it is because it’s better for the user.
    As if the Renault cars could not run with the gasoline sold by Renault under the pretext that the manufacturer claims it is better than that sells competition.
    such scams (I see no other word) is not likely to work out with these famous treaties that our government will sign in our back.

  2. Since Cortana is associated with Edge, I no longer use it.
    My main browser is Google Chrome has me much more user friendly and much more efficient than Edge. Dorénavent I no longer use or Cortana or Edge.

  3. Warning about the practices of the company Google:
    Personally I have seen a virtual monopoly of Google with all that that may involve as behavior associated with it.
    I would cite, for example, the mishap that happened to me and which seems to me extremely worrying.
    Very recently, Google has made ​​without any prior consultation, modification and last name that is associated with my email address.
    I found myself one morning with a full name which does had nothing to do with the one I created, initially.
    When asked for explanation GG support service, I got no response. I forwarded my complaint to the CNIL services.
    People do not absolutely realize at what point the world (economic, associative, artistic and even philosophical) becomes dependent on the main search engine.
    It’s amazing the level of passivity the human being, of the practices are performed skillfully which is always the case with Google, unlike MS much less subtle in their approach.
    Imagine you have you also met with discomfort with the famous search engine. You decide to find other users in your case. How will you go about it? You’ll make your search GG and of course this one will put you in contact with other protesters …! We have the right to réver …
    I’m not a fan of Microsoft and I have nothing against GG, but are wary of extreme monopoly. This is a huge WARNING I would run to the online community. MS approach is very awkward, I admit, but I think all that to this day can offset the domination of ultra GG, is and will be welcome.

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