How to Resize a Photo on Mac | Changing Image Size using Preview

Here’s how to resize your photos with the Mac: a very simple but perhaps unnoticeable operation for anyone with the Apple operating system.

How to Resize a Photo on Mac | Changing Image Size using Preview

If you have just started using a Mac and are not skilled, but want to know how to resize a photo, we are here to explain how to do it. We will do a kind of guide where step by step, in a simple and fast way, without too many spells of words, we explain how to do it. So just talk and start looking at how to resize your photos with Mac.

How to resize your photos with a Mac

Let’s start with this kind of very easy procedure that allows you to resize photos.

Step 1:

First of all you do not need any program but just use  Preview , the program pre-installed in Mac.

Step 2:

Open an image and from the ” Tools ” menu click on ” Adjust size “,

Step 3:

it will open a new window where you can set the pixels as you like . If you do not want to choose the measures because you find it too challenging, there are the standard measures that allow you to enlarge or shrink the photo,

Step 4:

To do so you have to go to the “Tools” menu, click on “Adjust size” and you can select precisely the most suitable dimension for what you wanted to achieve.

How to batch resize pictures on Mac

Step 1:

Select all the images you want to resize.

Step 2:

Right click on them and select “Open With Preview.”

Step 3:

In Preview, go to Edit > Select All.

Step 4:

Once all images are selected, go to Tools > Adjust Size.

Step 5:

Enter the width or height value to resize your photos to your liking. If you’re only going to resize the width for example, make sure “Scale Proportionally” is selected. This will ensure that your images are proportionally resized.

Step 6:

Save and close.

How to quickly resize images  on Mac Using third party app

In addition to the pre-installed Preview  program  , you can use an external program for example to resize multiple photos at the same time .

If you are looking for more and not a simple explanation on how to resize a photo from the Mac itself, and you want to perform the resizing on multiple photos simultaneously and not in a single, we want to recommend an excellent program:  XnConverter .

Besides being able to edit multiple photos at the same time you can also crop them, rotate them and much more. And the nice thing is that it’s all free! The program obviously needs to be downloaded.


We hope to have helped you in this small but efficient guide on how to resize your photos with Mac, surely a simple operation but not for MacOS’s long-time users. For any question or doubt we are at your disposal.

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