iOS 11 offers a new built-in scanner that not only saves time, but also becomes another convenient way to save information. It does not replace full-fledged programs for scanning, but it will be a good alternative if you need to quickly make a copy of the document for further work.

How to start scanning

To scan a document, open the “Notes” on the phone, then open any entry or create a new one. Click on the + in the center of the screen and select the option “Scan documents”. Point the camera at the document and wait for it to capture the entire area (it will turn to yellow on the screen). After that, the scan is automatic. If not, then just do it manually by clicking on the button at the bottom of the screen.

What can I do with the document

After scanning, the document can be edited. You can rotate the image, crop, apply filters (color – for photos and black and white – for texts). The resulting file can be saved in PDF format for further editing, storage in iCloud, on your iOS devices or in third-party services such as Google Drive. The document can be printed and transferred to other devices using the Share button.

In “Notes” also it is possible to add a comment or your signature, select a part of the document by selecting the desired option. If you work on the iPad Pro, then you can use Apple Pencil: with it the quality of signatures, set in the “field” conditions, will be more acceptable.

What can not be done

Despite the fact that “Notes” now give the technical possibility to scan documents, the functions of optical text recognition are not here. As a result of scanning a business card, for example, you get a well-formatted photo. Of course, you can drive contact data to it manually, but it would be much more convenient if iOS 11 automatically recognized the text and made it possible to copy it to a new or existing contact.