Simple and Safe Steps for Cleaning Your Laptop

Millions of people worldwide from Toronto to Tokyo are using their laptops more than ever, thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic. Not only are we all looking to find entertainment using our laptops, but many of us have been forced to start using our laptop computers to work from home. This unprecedented upswing in daily usage has created a lot of crusty and disgusting computers.

A dirty laptop doesn’t mean that you are a slob; it merely means that it is getting a lot of use. Every time you open your laptop and use it, oils from your skin, dust, and dirt accumulate. Even the work time snacks that we all love that can create crumbly bits that get stuck in our keyboards.

Cleaning Your Laptop

If you haven’t cleaned out your laptop in a while, the odds are that it might be a bit of a mess. With all the concern about germs and social distancing during the pandemic, keep in mind how much exposure your laptop is getting daily. Keeping your keyboard, mouse, and screen clear of bacteria should be as important as wearing your mask and sanitizing your hands. 

You don’t have to go crazy on your laptop with spray disinfectants, but rather just carefully and safely remove the dirt, grime, and germs that have accumulated. If you wash your hands regularly and follow the other safety guidelines during the pandemic, your laptop shouldn’t present a high infection risk. 

Before you grab a screwdriver and start taking apart your laptop or sending it out for cleaning at your local Toronto computer repair shop, let’s go through a few easy steps to help you clean your laptop at home. There is rarely a need to open up your laptop to get to the inside. Let’s look at the steps that it takes to give your laptop a thorough and hygienic cleaning on its surface.

Cleaning Supplies

It’s your prerogative if you want to spend a lot on specialty cleaners, but it’s just as effective and cheaper to use tools you have around your house. Before you start your laptop cleaning, make sure that you gather these supplies:

It may be tempting to tackle the dirt and grime on your laptop with traditional home cleaners; however, their ingredients can be harsh and damaging. Avoid products with ammonia or high alkaline additives like Windex as they can harm the surface finishes. 

Cleaning the Inside

Unless you need to get inside your laptop for cleaning, it’s recommended that you don’t remove the cover. To rid the internal components of dust and pet hair, start by disconnecting your power cord and your battery if it is accessible. Take a can of compressed air and press down on the trigger to expel any initial moisture without pointing it at your laptop. Then using short bursts of air, point the can at your vents and cracks to blow out any blockages. 

Cleaning the Exterior

Use a microfiber cloth to clean your laptop, as they won’t leave behind dust as paper towels will. For surface cleaning, you recommend using a mild household soap like Dawn or a mixture of water and vinegar. 

Soak and thoroughly ring out a clean cloth in your cleansing mixture and gently wipe down the outside casing of your laptop. An unused microfiber cloth can be used to dry. You mustn’t use any kind of spray directly on the surfaces of your laptop, as aerosol droplets can get into the interior, causing moisture damage.

Cleaning Your Keyboard and Mouse

The areas on your laptop that are regularly touched, like your keyboard and mouse, are likely to be the dirtiest parts of the unit. Oils, bacteria, and dirt are transferred continuously from your hands to the keys on your board. Using your dampened microfiber cloth with your cleaning solution, gently and thoroughly clean each key of your keyboard. Using a dampened Q-tip or cotton ball, you can detail your cleaning further by wiping down the sides of each key. Wipe down the top and bottom surface of your mouse with the same solution.

Cleaning Your Laptop Screen

A dirty laptop screen can be annoying and hard on your eyes. Never use a spray household cleaner like Windex or any type of aerosol applicator. Use your microfiber cloth lightly dampened and wrung out with your cleaning solution. Wipe down your screen and allow it to dry. If you end up with streaks on your screen, use a dry microfiber cloth to buff them out. If you are using your laptop daily, it won’t take long for bits of dirt, oils, and crumbs to accumulate. Follow these simple and safe cleaning tips to make your laptop look brand new. 

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