Excel spelling and grammar- How to spelling check excel worksheet



Checking all the spelling and grammar in a file at the same time is useful when you want to proof your text. You can check for possible mistakes and then confirm each correction.

  A spell-checking is a feature in excel used to verify the spelling of the words in a sheet, helping a user to ensure correct spelling. Spell-checker simply compares word to a dictionary present in the application, it also suggests corrections for wrongly spelled words.

Autocorrect in excel? Spell checker cannot detect the wrong usage of a correctly spelled word. A spell checkers operate at the word level, if there is any error in spelling of a word then it gives a list of words, near to that wrongly spelled word, you can select any one of them to correct the word. Spell checkers operate at user’s request for checking an entire document or word sheet at once.

 Spell-checking operation can be performed in two ways on a worksheet – on the selected area and on the entire sheet. When you perform spell checking on a selected area, then it checks the spell errors only on the selected region. It will not consider the remaining sheet, other than the selected area, whether it contains an error, it will not show error on that region because it performs spell check on the limited area. While in the second case, when you perform spell-check on the entire sheet then it will check the whole sheet for spell error and gives the errors if found.

When data selection is complete, then follow the steps given here:

How to Spell Check In Excel – spelling check excel worksheet

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  1. Click on the Review tab.
  2. Then under the Proofing group, click on the spelling button.
    • A spelling dialog box appears. There are various buttons on the right side of the dialog box. With these buttons you can ignore misspelled words or change them with the correct one. If there is a word which is appearing as misspelled word, but you want to retain it then you can use the add to dictionary button and include that name in the dictionary. Next time Microsoft excel will not consider the word as misspelled.
  3. The box shows a list of words near to the misspelled word under the suggestion list.
  4. user can also leave the word by clicking on the ignore once option.
  5. User can change the word with some other words present in the suggestions list by clicking on the change button.
  6. user can also add this new word to the dictionary by clicking the add to dictionary button.


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