Backup to itunes or icloud | Choose iPhone Backup

Backup to itunes or icloud ,Choose iPhone Backup

iCloud vs. iTunes backups? If you can not decide or understand well that offers iCloud and iTunes when making backups and that there are differences between them, today we help you to decide you explaining all the details of its operation. What’s the Difference between iCloud Backup and iTunes Backup? Should you backup your device to iCloud or … Read more

How do i delete old backups from icloud

How do i delete old backups from icloud (1)

Step-by-step guide to clear old iPhone backups from iTunes and iCloud We always advise to make a backup of the contents of our iPhone when we are going to do the Jailbreak , update or restore the operating system. This is important because the software can be corrupted at any time, either by updating or by interacting with a malicious … Read more