Find My iPhone – how to find the location of the missing iPhone or iPad

 Find an iPhone app not only disappoints a thief, turns the iPhone into a “dead brick”, but also tracks down the bad man in the best traditions of detective works. First, you need is an alternate Apple device, for example, borrowed from a friend with the Find iPhone application installed . Alternatively, you can go to the Apple iCloud from … Read more

How to scan documents in Notes on iOS 11

How to scan documents in Notes on iOS 11

Now you can easily attach a “paper” document to your digital records. And for this you do not need to move from one application to another. iOS 11 offers a new built-in scanner that not only saves time, but also becomes another convenient way to save information. It does not replace full-fledged programs for scanning, but it … Read more

Enable Automatic Reader View in Safari for iOS, macOS High Sierra

In macOS High Sierra, there are Safari website controls that let you automatically turn on Reader mode for individual websites. Enable Automatic Reader View in Safari for iOS, macOS High Sierra? RECOMMENDED: best gaming laptop under 500, and also see cheap gaming laptops uk Fortunately, Apple has a feature in Safari that allows to skip all this … Read more

How to Backup Your iPhone Using iCloud, iTunes or IOT (iPhone 7, iPhone 8, iPhone 6)

  As we said, backup operation is essential to preserve all data and information stored on your device. This is because, due to different causes (device breakdown, device replacement, device loss, involuntary write-off), the risk of losing some data stored on the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad is always around the corner. To prevent this from happening, … Read more

How to Play AVI video on iPhone and iPad

How to Play AVI video on iPhone

The iPhone is an ideal device to watch any multimedia content whether in High Definition, with subtitles or in streaming. Throughout this article, we review seven applications for iPhone (and also iPad) with which it is possible to play video, whether movies or series. In some of them, as you will see, it is even possible to stream. … Read more