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Best PDF editor online: One of the formats most used to save documents today is the PDF . However, many users have a problem when they have to edit a PDF document by not having on their computer with an Adobe Reader program that allows them to make modifications to a document in this format.

However, there are some online services that allow us to edit PDF files from the browser itself and without having to download and install any program on our computer, hence we are going to show below some of them. Pdf editor free online, pdf text editor online, pdf editor online tool


PDF Converters

If you want to convert a PDF document to Word, Excel or a Power Point presentation or vice versa, there are several online tools that allow us to do this in an easy and simple way.

All we have to do is go to the address of the converter we need, choose the document we are going to convert and specify an email address, which will be where we receive the document in the chosen format.

Some of the addresses of these tools are: www.pdftoword.com , www.wordtopdf.com , www.pdftoexcelonline.com , www.exceltopdfonline.comwww.pdftoppt.com and www.ppttopdfonline.com .


If we need to combine different files in a PDF, Online2PDF will make our task much easier, since we will not have to first convert our Excel, Word or Power Point documents separately to PDF and then merge them into one document since Onli2PDF Allows you to convert and combine up to 20 different files in one fell swoop.

In addition, this tool allows you to convert a wide variety of files to PDF and vice versa, as well as alter the composition of a page within a PDF, that is, change the order, add, delete or split files. Not to forget that Online2PDF allows to remove password protection from PDF files and compress them to reduce their size.


Pdf editor free online, pdf text editor online, pdf editor online tool

Another online tool that allows you to work with PDF documents. It allows you to add text, check marks, dates, images and even electronic signatures in an easy way. In the latter sense, PDFfiller offers different ways of signing a document, either by drawing the signature with the finger if we are on a touch screen, using the mouse pointer, entering text, making a photo to our signature with the webcam or directly uploading an image.

Once the signature is added, it is possible to change the brightness and contrast so that it is as clear and sharp as possible. In addition, it allows you to load documents from our computer, a URL or from services in the cloud like Google Drive, Dropbox, Box or Onedrive.


A tool that has been available for several years online that has made important improvements in the user interface incorporating new features so you can highlight, draw, add text, images or links in a pdf without problem.

It also allows you to add some form fields such as check boxes, radio buttons, or text boxes. Another thing that has changed is that it no longer saves the changes with a PDFEscape watermark and also allows you to move, rotate, crop or add new pages to a document.

Google Drive

Pdf editor free online, pdf text editor online, pdf editor online tool

Although in a PDF document the text is saved as an image, if the document is stored in Google Drive, then we will have a feature such as optical character recognition (OCR). In addition, Google Drive also allows you to connect to other applications online from the store itself Chrome applications that we can offer another series of editing capabilities on the PDF.

Office Online

Pdf editor free online, pdf text editor online, pdf editor online tool

The Microsoft online suite allows working with documents in their own formats but also includes the possibility of downloading files in PDF. In this way, from Offile Online it is possible to convert PDF files to Word for editing and besides adding new elements, allows to edit the original content of the file.

We can find some limitations like the fonts, so it is possible that when adding or editing text the font we use is different and you notice a change of font in the areas of the document that we edit.

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