Turn off or Disable chrome notifications

Turn off or Disable chrome notifications? Websites are more useful than ever in this advanced age of web apps. Unfortunately, they’re also getting more annoying, with every site under the sun asking for your location or permission to send you notifications. Facebook and other web services have begun to show annoying notifications to Google Chrome users in their desktop versions. One of the latest updates of popular surfing allows them to tell us when we have a new message or a new update. If you are tired of seeing these warnings, we will tell you how to disable these Chrome notifications.

Disable chrome notifications? Alerts from websites are a great idea in theory, but they can also get redundant. Why get an alert from your PC about a new message when your phone is giving you the same ping? Or, even worse, Cortana may also send the ping to your Windows 10 desktop, giving you triple notifications? Disable chrome notificationsTurn off or Disable chrome notifications

Nobody needs all that noise. Here’s how to turn off all notifications in Chrome.

How to turn off or Disable chrome notifications

The process is actually pretty simple. Click on the menu icon (the three vertical dots) in the upper right-hand corner of Chrome. Then from the drop down menu, select Settings.Turn off or Disable chrome notifications

Next, scroll down the settings page and click the link Show advanced settings… at the bottom. Once the page expands scroll down to the “Privacy” section, and then select Content settings…

In the pop-up window that appears, look for the Notifications sub-heading. Now we’ve come to the meat of the operation.

No site will ever beg for your permission again. You’re all set for a notifications-free existence—at least on Chrome.

Here you’ll find three radio buttons:

  • Allow all sites to show notifications
  • Ask when a site tries to show notifications (recommended)
  • Do not allow any site to show notifications

By default, Chrome is set to ask when a site wants to deliver notifications. To turn them off completely, select the last option to not allow notifications. Next, click Done and then close the settings tab.

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Disabling Chrome web notifications for Only Website at a time

We tell you how to disable web notifications in major browsers.

Web notifications are a trend that has appeared lately in all browsers, and more and more pages are adapting them for good reason.

Web notifications are basically the same concept that we enjoy on the mobile, ads from apps that help us keep abreast of what is happening, know when we have received an email or when we have been mentioned in a social network, and, in general , Learn everything that happens on a page without having it open constantly. However, web notifications, like their counterpart on smartphones, can also be annoying. You may not want to receive constant notices that something is happening and you prefer to do things at your own pace; Or your activity may just be so large that you get notifications every second (for example, if your social account has many friends). Disable chrome notifications

In addition, it is good that more and more web pages are compatible with the notifications, but we are seeing bad practices in their implementation, such as popup messages that prevent us from continuing to see the page until we accept.

For all that, you may want to disable the web notifications forever in your browser, or at least until the thing improves.


Google was one of the most promoted notifications in its browser, but fortunately included a configuration to avoid notifications.

To find it we have to open the menu and “Settings”, and there go to “Content settings”. 

In the notifications section, we will see that by default Chrome will ask us every time a web wants to show us notifications.

Just below we can check the box that prevents all websites from displaying notifications.

Or we can click on “Manage exceptions” if we want to remove those permissions to a specific web that we have already accepted. Disable chrome notifications

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Turn off or Disable Facebook notifications and other services in Firefox

Disable chrome notifications? In the Mozilla browser disabling web notifications is just as easy.

We just have to open the menu, open “Options” and choose the side tab “Content”.

In the “Notifications” section we can click on “Choose” and a window will open where we can manage which sites we want to show notifications.

If there is a site that is constantly asking us for notifications, what we can do is block them only for that address . To do this, we enter the website that we want to block and we right click on any site and “View page information”.

Here we go to the “Permissions” section and we deactivate the “Receive notifications” option.

Disabling Chrome Notifications for Enabled Websites

Disable chrome notifications? Luckily, this is a reversible process and we’ll tell you how to disable Facebook notifications (among other services) that the Google Chrome browser displays. To do this, we will access the browser settings and click on “Show advanced settings …” . We will have more options and will look for the Privacy section .

Once this section is located, we will click on the “Content Settings …” button that will open a new window. We will go down to find “Notifications” from where we can define their configuration. The recommended is “Ask when a site wants to show notifications” but we can be more or less strict.

As for deactivating the notifications that we have activated, simply click on the button “Manage exceptions …” that appears after the three options. In the list we will look for “www.facebook.com” and change the drop-down from Allow” to “Block” .

We can do that with all the web pages that we have been allowed to send notifications to us and we have regretted it. Some of the most common ones are Disable chrome notifications Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest or the Web version of WhatsApp that will show us an alert when someone sends us a message.

Once we have allowed or blocked the notifications of the different web services, we will click on “Done” and close the configuration menu. From that moment, Facebook and the rest of webs that we have blocked will not be able to show us any popup with notifications. Disable chrome notifications

How to disable Facebook notifications and other services in Chrome | Google chrome facebook notificationsHow to disable Facebook notifications and other services in Chrome | Google chrome facebook notifications

Social networks like Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram, plus collaborative tools of the likes of Slack , have begun to show annoying notifications to users of Google Chrome in the latest desktop version. Users can know when they have a message or a new update, but may end up being very uncomfortable, especially for those more assiduous to this type of platforms.

This issue has started to occur once the latest version of Google Chrome is installed . The browser started asking users if they wanted to allow notifications when they accessed Facebook and other services. Many, without even knowing what it was, were accepted, briefly meeting each other with notifications every two by three accompanied by a sound that ends up disrupting the most patient. Logically, this new function can be reversed and we will not be notified of these notifications in the browser

To stop receiving notifications from Facebook and other social networks in Chrome , you’ll have to enter your browser settings and click on “Show advanced settings”. Then you will see that more options are displayed. Look for the Privacy section . When you find it, click on the ” Content Settings ” button. A new window will open. Scroll down to Notifications to define your settings. The recommended option is “Ask when a site wants to show notifications”.

If you want to disable notifications only in specific services, such as Facebook , just click the ” Manage Exceptions ” button , which appears just after the three options. Look in the list ” www.facebook.com ” and change in the drop-down that appears Allow by Block. This option is very useful for when, for example, you only want to receive notifications from Instagram and not Facebook , which is usually a social network with more “movement”.

Remember that you can also use Google Chrome to receive notifications on your computer from extensions or websites, such as reminders of your meetings. By default, the browser will notify you every time a website or extension wants to send you notifications . You can also change this option at any time by following the steps above.

The latest non-stable version of Chrome has been released a few days ago (still in beta). This is Chrome 47 , which will be one of the most important updates of recent times when it is officially released. The company has managed to solve a multitude of bugs, specifically 41, getting a much more stable browser, which will allow the user to enjoy a much faster and more comfortable experience. It is in this version, precisely, that is where we find the new notification notification system. If you want to install it on your computer go to Settings, Security, and enable the option of programs developed by third parties.

How to remove Chrome notifications for Android

We explained how to remove Chrome notifications for Android from a website that we had previously activated, quickly and simply.Turn off or Disable Facebook notifications How to remove Chrome notifications for Android

When we started using smart mobiles one of the most interesting functions was to be able to use applications that warn us of specific events. It was the push notifications, which allowed us to be aware of news without having to enter the applications one by one.

Later this function happened to be part of some browsers like Chrome, that integrated inside its code an API so that the web pages could send these notifications like they were native applications, as long as the web developers implemented a certain code in the own web pages . This way a user could receive a warning when they update their favorite blogs, for example, without having to install the applications of each portal. The question is, what if we want to deactivate them?

To remove the notifications of each page the process is very simple. We need to click on the three-point icon in the upper right corner of Chrome and follow this sequence:

When we click on it, we will enter the configuration menu, as we will be able to completely deactivate the notifications or just silence the one of a particular web.

If we click on the url of a website we can activate and deactivate the specific notifications of a portal but also delete the cache data, cookies and other information of a particular web .

If we want to control other aspects of the web like access to the camera, the microphone or let him show us pop-ups we can manage it from the same settings area.

Disable chrome notifications? Remove Google Chrome facebook Notifications?

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