Turn on and Off iPhone Flashlight

Turn on and Off iPhone Flashlight? How to turn off iPhone flashlight: An iPhone flashlight is a small but awesome part of what the iPhone can do. You don’t need a new iPhone for this to work, but if you own an iPhone 4 or newer you can use your iPhone flashlight fast and turn it off faster with a few essential tips. Turn on and Off iPhone Flashlight

We use the iPhone flashlight as our go to flashlight for walks, finding small things we dropped, calling attention to our position and much more. The flashlight is as useful as many of the apps we keep on our iPhone. Turn on and Off iPhone FlashlightTurn on and Off iPhone Flashlight

This short guide will show you how to use the iPhone flashlight, how to turn off the iPhone flashlight fast and what you need to know about iPhone flashlight apps. This works on iOS 7, iOS 8 and iOS 9 on the iPhone 4 and newer all the way up to the iPhone 6s. In iOS 10 you can use 3D Touch to change the brightness of the iPhone flashlight.

How to Use iPhone Flashlight

Turn on and Off iPhone Flashlight: You can use the iPhone flashlight without unlocking the iPhone. Apple includes a shortcut to turn the iPhone flashlight on in a second. Once you know where it is you will be ready to use the flashlight without even looking at your iPhone.

With the iPhone screen on swipe up from the bottom edge of the iPhone.

Now you are looking at Control Center. This offers an array of shortcuts to common tasks and activities, including the iPhone flashlight.

Use this to turn the iPhone flashlight on.

Tap on the iPhone flashlight icon in the bottom left. When the icon is white the flashlight is on and when it is grey it is off.

After you tap on it once, turn the iPhone towards you to see the flash on at full brightness that allows you to use the iPhone as a flashlight. You can turn the iPhone screen off and use the iPhone flashlight as long as you need it.

How to turn off iPhone flashlight

When you done, you need to turn the screen on, swipe up and tap on the flashlight icon to turn it off. Make sure you don’t leave the iPhone flashlight on for long periods as it can quickly drain your iPhone battery.

According to Bulbs.com, “Many LEDs have a rated life of up to 50,000 hours.” To put that in perspective, a typical LED can last almost six years of constant use. It is unlikely that you will use the iPhone flashlight for six year’s straight, so there is little chance of the iPhone flashlight burning out or damaging your iPhone camera flash.

How to Turn the iPhone Flashlight Off Fast

You can always turn the iPhone flashlight off with the Control Center, but there is a faster way to turn off the iPhone flashlight. You just need to activate the iPhone camera, or almost activate the iPhone camera. On the home screen there is a small icon that lets you open the camera app. If you swipe it halfway up, the camera app starts to open. This turns off the iPhone flashlight immediately.

You can then slide the camera icon back down to stop from opening the camera. If you slide it all the way up, you can just press the power button to close the camera app and turn the screen off. How to turn off iPhone flashlight.

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