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How to use apple tv and setting up apple tv? The Apple TV is an entertainment center that lets you play iTunes content, Netflix , YouTube , Vimeo and many other options on your TV. If you have purchased this device and are unsure how to get it to work, follow this tutorial that shows you how to set up and use all of your tools. How to use apple tv and setting up apple tv?

The new Apple TV is the fourth generation of the apple set-top box but in many ways is also the first. The Siri Remote offers us a new way to interact with television and although it is brilliant in many ways, it also has its bad days where you would want to throw it out the windowHow to use apple tv and setting up apple tv?

The most notorious example of this is when you are watching something, you are going to raise or lower the volume and accidentally touch the touch surface causing the player to move forward or back to know how many scenes. Luckily there is a little trick to get back to the point where we were without having to look for it by hand : press the Menu button. That easy. How to use apple tv and setting up apple tv?

In the end, as is often the case, the experience is a degree and although it would be good if Apple were to take the usability of its interfaces more seriously, not always as obvious as they should, I guess this is where we come into play. ?

Menu and Start, the multi-purpose buttons

Unlike any iOS device where the home button is the center of any interaction outside the touch screen, the Apple TV has only one but two buttons with sometimes overlapping functions.

On the one hand we have the Menu button, whose main function is to allow us to return to the previous screen with a single press, but also hides some ace under the sleeve as the ability to activate the screen saver by pressing twice quickly on the home screen .

And on the other, the Home button, responsible for taking us to the Home screen no matter where we are but which also serves:

  • View the open apps by pressing the start button twice.
  • Access VoiceOver by quickly pressing it three times.
  • Put the Apple TV to sleep by holding it down and selecting Sleep.
  • Restart the Apple TV by pressing and holding the Menu button simultaneously.

Move from one app to another quickly

As we just said, by pressing the start button twice we access the screen with open applications. Selecting one is as simple as swiping your finger to the left or right and tapping the touch pad to open the one that now occupies the center of the screen.

From here we can also force the output of the highlighted application by sliding the finger up; And if what we want is to return to where we were, again our beloved Menu button returns to the rescue (perhaps Undo would have been a more successful name).

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Reorder apps

To move through the Apple TV menu you only have to slide your finger across its touch surface, but if you hold it down while highlighting the icon of an app, it will start shaking and we can drag it to the place we want. Pressing the tactile surface again will fix it in its new position.

And if you are not convinced by an app and you want to delete it, you can do it by pressing the play / pause button while you are shaking to access more options, and then select Delete.

How to use apple tv and setting up apple tv

In a similar way to the touch response of the iOS device, the Siri Remote also responds differently depending on the speed with which we slide our finger across its glass surface. A faster gesture will result in a faster glide on any menu.

Apple Music on the Apple TV, quick access and extra options

Touching the touch screen in the “Playback” screen of the Music app we find a number of options like going to the album of the song, marking it as a favorite, creating a custom radio station, adding it to a playlist … This Type of concept menu can be found in various places on the Apple TV but the only way to find out if an item has additional options is to do the test and press the touch surface.

And to finish, and to change a few buttons, a shortcut to open the Music app without needing to look for it in the home screen: simply hold the play / pause button for 5 or 6 seconds and go. Recommended: Apple payment method is declined | How to send photos and videos from an iPhone to an Android phone

1 Learn how to install Apple TV and take advantage of all the functions – How to use apple tv and setting up apple tv?

Step 1. Connect the HDMI cable and power cord to the Apple TV;

How to use apple tv and setting up apple tvConnecting cables to Apple TV 


Step 2. Connect the other end of the HDMI cable to the TV;

How to use apple tv and setting up apple tvConnecting the HDMI cable to the TV (Photo: Playback / Edivaldo Brito)


Step 3. Plug the Apple TV power cord into the outlet;

Step 4. Turn on the TV and set it to use the HDMI input where the Apple TV is connected;

Step 5. Wait for the Apple TV to boot.

How to use apple tv and setting up apple tvApple Tv Booting 

Using the Apple TV Remote Control

To do the following steps you must use the Apple TV remote control. In this accessory, press the white points of the larger button to use them as direction arrows and move in the menu to go to the option. To confirm a selection, press the center of the larger button. To return to the screens, press the “Menu” button.

Connecting to a Wi-Fi network

How to use apple tv and setting up apple tv?? To operate Apple TV must be connected to a network with Internet access, so it supports both a network connection via cable and Wi-Fi. If a network cable is connected to Apple TV, it will preferably use this connection, however. , If you’re going to use it with a Wi-Fi network, you need to configure that connection beforehand, see how.

Step 1. On the Apple TV Home screen, go to the “Settings” option and confirm;

How to use apple tv and setting up apple tvAccessing the “Settings” option on Apple TV 

Step 2. Within “Settings”, go to the “General” option;

How to use apple tv and setting up apple tvAccessing the “General” option on Apple TV 


Step 3. Now go to the “Network” item;

How to use apple tv and setting up apple tvAccessing the “Network” option on Apple TV 

Step 4. Under “Network”, choose the “Configure Wi-Fi” option;

How to use apple tv and setting up apple tvAccessing the “Configure Wi-Fi” option on Apple TV 

Step 5. In the list of found networks, select the network you want to configure;

How to use apple tv and setting up apple tvSelecting a Wi-Fi network to connect 

Step 6. On the next screen, enter the password and confirm by selecting the “Submit” button. A screen confirming the setting will be displayed. Press the “Menu” button several times until you return to the main screen.

How to use apple tv and setting up apple tvEntering a password to connect to the Wi-Fi network 

Configuring network parameters

If your network uses automatic setup you do not have to do anything else for Apple TV to start using the network. However, if you are using manual network configuration, you must enter some data for the machine. All network information must be provided by your network administrator. With this data, do the following: How to use apple tv and setting up apple tv?

Step 1. On the Apple TV Home screen, go to the “Settings” option and confirm;

Accessing the “Settings” option on Apple TV

Step 2. Within “Settings”, go to the “General” option;

Accessing the “General” option on Apple TV

Step 3. Now go to the “Network” item;

Accessing the “Network” option on Apple TV

Step 4. Under “Network”, choose the “Configure TCP / IP” option;

Accessing the TCP / IP Configuration

Step 5. On the next screen, select the “Manually” option and press the center of the larger button to confirm;

Selecting the manual configuration 

Step 6. On the next screen, enter the IP that will be used by Apple TV and then confirm by selecting the “OK” button;

Entering the IP that will be used by the Apple TV

Step 7. On the next screen, enter the subnet mask that will be used by the Apple TV and then confirm by selecting the “OK” button;

Entering the mascara of the network

Step 8. On the next screen, enter the IP of the network router and then confirm by selecting the “OK” button;

Entering the IP address of the network router

Step 9. On the next screen, enter the IP of the network DNS server and then confirm by selecting the “OK” button. A screen confirming the setting will be displayed. Press the “Menu” button several times until you return to the main screen.

Entering the IP address of the network’s DNS server

Registering the iTunes account

Apple TV uses your iTunes account to do certain tasks, so you need to register one on the device. How to use apple tv and setting up apple tv?

Step 1. On the Apple TV Home screen, go to the “Settings” option and confirm;

Step 2. Within “Settings”, go to “iTunes Store”;

Accessing the “iTunes Store” on Apple TV

Step 3. Now go to the “Login” item;

Accessing the “Login” option on Apple TV 

Step 4. On the next screen, enter the account email and confirm by selecting the “Send” button;

Entering iTunes account email on Apple TV

Step 5. On the next screen, enter the account password and confirm by selecting the “Submit” button;

Entering iTunes account password on Apple TV

Step 6. You will be asked if you want to memorize the password on Apple TV, it is recommended to choose yes. Use the remote control to select and confirm. Press the “Menu” button several times until you return to the main screen.

Confirming the memorization of iTunes account password on Apple TV

Configuring Air Play

Air Play allows iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, or other technology-compatible device to send audio and video to Apple TV over the network, see how easy it is to configure this feature. How to use apple tv and setting up apple tv?

Step 1. On the Apple TV Home screen, go to the “Settings” option and confirm;

Step 2. Under “Settings”, go to the “AirPlay” option;

Accessing the “AirPlay” option on Apple TV

Step 3. In “AirPlay” press the larger button to activate the “Air Play” option;

Activating “AirPlay” on Apple TV

Step 4. If you want to use a password to authenticate devices that want to send videos to the TV, go to the “Set Password” option;

Setting a password to access Apple TV’s “AirPlay” feature

Step 5. At the password setting screen, enter the account and confirm by selecting the “Submit” button. Press the “Menu” button several times until you return to the main screen.

Creating the password to access Apple TV’s “AirPlay” feature

Configuring family sharing

To view purchased movies in the iTunes store, you must enable family sharing on the computer that has iTunes installed with the media library and this has already been shown here in ieenews. To activate on Apple TV is simple, see how:

Step 1. On the Apple TV Home screen, go to the “Settings” option and confirm;

Step 2. Under “Settings”, go to the option “Computers”;

Accessing the “Computers” option on Apple TV

Step 3. On the next screen select the option “Enable Family Sharing”;

Selecting “Enable Family Sharing” on Apple TV

Step 4. On the next screen, select “Yes” and confirm, to use the already registered iTunes account. You will see a screen confirming the activation of the share. Press the “Menu” button several times until you return to the main screen.

Confirming activation of family sharing on Apple TV

With Apple TV already installed, it’s easy to watch what you want on your TV.

2 Setting Up the Apple TV  with iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad – How to use apple tv and setting up apple tv?

With the new version of Apple TV 6.0 , Apple added the feature that allows us to configure our Apple TV simply by touching it with our iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. This is possible because, through iBeacon the two devices, when they contact, will be connected instantly, showing on the iOS device screen the steps to perform the configuration of the new device. How to use apple tv and setting up apple tv?

How to use apple tv and setting up apple tv

This type of configuration, we only configure the WiFi network, our iTunes account and activates the Apple TV. The other configurations can be done manually through the virtual keyboard of the iOS device without having to configure bluetooth keyboards or with the help of the remote control.

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Requirements for setting up the Apple TV by touching it with our iOS device

  • To be able to configure the Apple TV by touching it with our iOS devices we have to do it with one that is compatible with iOS 7 or higher, among which we can find the following:
    • Iphone 4s
    • iPhone 5
    • Iphone 5c
    • Iphone 5s
    • IPad 3
    • IPad 4
    • IPad mini
    • IPod touch 5G
  • Have an Apple TV (3rd generation) with software version 6.0 or later.

How to use apple tv and setting up apple tv

Setting up Apple TV with your iOS device

To be able to configure the third generation Apple TV with our iOS device we have to follow the following steps: How to use apple tv and setting up apple tv?

    • Connect the Apple TV to the TV and wait until the setup screen appears.

How to use apple tv and setting up apple tv

  • Unlock your iOS 7 device and verify that Bluetooth is turned on, we also have to make sure that the iOS device is connected to the Wi-Fi network to which we want to connect the Apple TV.
  • Enter your Apple ID and password on your iOS device.

How to use apple tv and setting up apple tv

  • Remember to select whether you want the Apple TV to remember your Apple ID and password, as well as whether or not you want to send data to Apple through Apple TV.

How to use apple tv and setting up apple tv

  • The Apple TV setup process will begin, including connecting to the Wi-Fi network, activating Apple TV, and setting up your iTunes Store account.

When the process is complete, the Apple TV will be ready for us to use. This process does not change the preferences of your iOS device.

Some Apple TV Setting Tips with a Touch of Our iPhone, iPod touch or iPad

  • Although the iPhone 4 and iPad 2 are compatible with iOS 7, they are not compatible with this Apple TV setup method.
  • Make sure the iPhone, iPod touch or iPad is unlocked and that Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are enabled.
  • Keep your iOS device within 4 meters of the Apple TV until the configuration is complete.
  • If you move away from this distance or the configuration is not complete, you will have to restart the Apple TV by unplugging it for a few seconds and reconnecting it.

Important Note:  This feature only configures your Wi-Fi network, iTunes Store account, and language region.

If you have any doubts or advice about setting up your Apple TV with your iOS device (iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, iPad mini), do not forget to leave it in the comments.

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3 Apple TV User Guide – How to use apple tv and setting up apple tv?

Apple TV is not a device of new conception, since it has been in the market for more than six years, but the successive improvements it has undergone have made it one of the best and easiest ways to surf the Internet from the Television , as well as to watch online video movies in streaming on the big screen. It consists of a small, elegant and simple device that is configured quickly and offers ample possibilities of leisure. This article answers several questions to master Apple TV .

How much does it cost and how do I get it?

Apple TV is worth 112 euros and you can buy both Apple stores and other image, sound and computer products that sell branded products. You can also buy it online at the official Apple store , but then you will have to add shipping costs. In addition to the device, if you do not have an HDMI cable to connect to the TV, you should buy one, since it does not have built-in, which can cost between 10 and 30 euros more, depending on the brand and the quality of the cable.

Will it work on my TV? How to use apple tv and setting up apple tv?

In principle Apple TV can work with any television that has a scart or an HDMI port . However, it will always be better, and more comfortably, in the most modern televisions, which are more prepared to receive such devices. If you only have the scart port, you will also have to purchase an adapter of this technology to HDMI. With Apple TV, it is not necessary for the TV to have Smart TV technology , since it will only be used as a large screen.

Do I need the Internet to use it? How to use apple tv and setting up apple tv?

Apple TV acts as a bridge between other user devices and the television, and it does so by connecting to a wifi network . Therefore it is necessary to have Internet at home to use it. It is also necessary that the connection is of the type wifi to put in communication the different apparatuses. On the other hand, it should be noted that the devices must all be connected to the same wifi network to communicate with each other.

What bandwidth limit do I need?

From a bandwidth of three megabits per second , Apple TV can work fine, but the wider the better. However, in certain conditions it may work with less width: there are no other wifi networks or other types of waves that may interfere, prioritizing their use and not navigating on any other computer or device, etc. It should also be borne in mind that the saturation level of the electromagnetic area of ​​the area (large cities, office areas, etc.) can interfere with the stability of the connection and therefore the experience of using Apple TV.

I already bought Apple. How do I install it?

Its installation is very simple. After unpacking it, it is placed next to the television and they are united with the HDMI cable. You will have to look at the HDMI port number you are connecting to, then you can tune the channel from the TV’s control. The power cord is then plugged into the Apple TV’s plug and the TV is connected to the mains at the other end of the cable. Then you can turn on the TV and tune the channel of the HDMI cable. The Apple TV start menu will appear on the screen.

I am already in the home menu screen. What do I do now?

The first thing to do is select the wifi network to connect to . To do this, use the simple command that comes in the box next to the Apple TV. Always focusing on the device, the user moves by clicking on the circular button, so that depending on the side where it is pressed, it will go up, down, right or left. In the “General” section, press the center button that surrounds the circular. This displays a menu with various options.

Then it goes to “Wifi” and the connection to a new network is searched. The device will track electromagnetic space and search for different networks. When it detects the user, it will press the central button on it. The menu will ask for the password of the Wi-Fi, which must be entered using an alphanumeric table that will appear on the screen. You will have to click on each icon that the user wants to enter; Is the most uncomfortable part of the whole process. How to use apple tv and setting up apple tv?

I’m already connected. What leisure options do I have?

Once connected to the same Apple TV network, computers, mobiles and tablets, you can play the contents of these from the TV.

Also by default, Apple offers a few options , but all of them interesting. The application of radios on the Internet, the same one that iTunes offers, in which thousands of radios of the whole world can be tuned. Another alternative by default is to connect to Flickr and play on the television the user’s photos on the service or those of their contacts. You can also watch videos from YouTube or Vimeo or listen to thousands of podcasts, as well as rent the movies offered by the Apple service.

You can watch videos from YouTube or Vimeo or listen to thousands of podcasts, as well as rent the movies offered by the Apple service

However, there are very interesting alternatives to these default options. One of them is to share the content of computers , that is, to be able to play the songs and movies that are stored in these terminals in the iTunes application. To do this, these computers must be turned on, with iTunes running, and run the Mac OS X operating system, as the “Share contents” option will be used from the preferences menu of the computer. With this action, the contents of the computer can be played back on the TV. For this, in the Apple TV menu, first select the option “Computers” and, once inside, indicate the equipment with which you want to connect. One requirement to be able to do this, however, is to have an Apple ID, Common thing among the users of this mark. Therefore, Apple TV is mainly recommended to this type of consumers.

I do not have a Mac computer, can I use Apple TV? How to use apple tv and setting up apple tv?

Yes, this tutorial explains how to do it smoothly . In addition, whenever you have an Apple ID you can hire the iTunes Music Match service , which allows you to store lots of music in the Apple “cloud” for just under 25 euros per month. In this case, you can play songs, but not movies, from the “Music” option.

I want to use Apple TV to watch movies, but not from the computer or the “cloud”. What I do?

You can purchase movies that Apple TV offers , although they are expensive , or if you have an iPhone or an iPad, use the option of duplication . This technology lets the contents of the mobile phone or tablet to the television in high definition through Apple TV.

Simply activate the browser on the iPad and look for the favorite online video store to hire a movie. When you play it, double click on the central button of the device and the user runs all the icons that appear in the lower menu to the right. At the end, you see an icon in the form of a square that includes a triangle inside. Clicking on it will ask if you want to play the content on the Apple TV; If selected, the content will appear on the TV screen and can be controlled from the iPad. How to use apple tv and setting up apple tv?

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4 What does apple tv do

Apple TV is summed up in a small gadget that connects to the television and gives access to different possibilities related to the world of video (in its broadest sense) and to the world of multimedia (music, video games, applications) in general. It paints very well, but it has its small print.

Not only iPhones and iPads lives Apple. Apart from its powerful and expensive computers, iPods at sunset (already, neither are as main product in its website) and the new Watch icon , Apple TV is another product of its catalog with recognized success in many countries but in others, Like Spain, does not end up seducing the consumer (or ending has not even begun). Taking advantage of the recent introduction of its fourth generation, we tell you the virtues and drawbacks of the Apple TV, which, as you will see, are very important.

On the physical side, Apple TV is a ‘box’ with a size slightly larger than a pack of tobacco accompanied by a spectacular (by the thin -0.63 cm) and its integrated touch panel remote control. Once connected to the TV via any standard HDMI input, you have before you different video options in particular and multimedia in general. Let’s go to them: How to use apple tv and setting up apple tv?


Through Apple TV you have access to a very complete online video store , with films of all kinds: classic, recent and even premieres. In fact, Apple claims that some titles are available on their platform the same day they are put on sale on DVD. You also have available documentaries, concerts, series and TV channels, mainly monographic (sport, music, children, travel, cooking, etc.).


One of the new features of the new Apple TV is that it is also a video game console. On the TV you access the games section and choose from the wide variety of titles available. In this role, the remote control itself (Siri Remote) exercises as a game controller with a dynamics similar to those of the Nintendo Wii (hand held command), plus that the Apple has a touch surface Which also has its utility in this scenario. You can alternatively use a standard Xbox / PlayStation-type controller as long as it supports the MFi protocol.


From video to audio, Apple TV offers you a monumental nightclub in terms of number of songs. You can also listen to the ones from your private collection or get carried away by the proposals of online music radio stations . In these cases, the television is a mere speaker; Now, Apple TV can be connected, via AirPlay wireless technology , with autonomous compatible speakers, so you can do without the TV once the music content is selected . How to use apple tv and setting up apple tv?

Photos and videos

It’s an integrated function on Apple TV to view your own photos and videos that you have hosted on iCloud (the Apple Cloud), with the possibility of sharing them with family, friends and the human universe in a very simple way.


Another new feature of the new Apple TV is an invitation to enjoy applications of all kinds , as you use them on your mobile or tablet. To this end, it has created the tvOS platform for third parties to create applications, or adapt the ones they have, for the environment of the television and its use. Applications that give a special role to Siri , Apple’s virtual assistant, to ask and ask what you need. TvOS is also a new way to use Apple TV, where everything is easier to use and much like using an iPhone / iPad.

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Lights and shadows

We have not been able to try this latest model of Apple TV but the previous models (no apps or games). At the technical level , the system does not support a single reproach: guaranteed reliability connectivity, fantastic playback quality, speed and agility in general … And this new generation integrates a highly qualified and perfectly tested processor (the A8, own iPhones and iPads ) So Apple’s new incursion into the ecosystem of games and applications seems cracked equally consistent . A progress that can also be seen in its memory – available in 32 and 64 GB – and, above all, in the Siri Remote. This one serves you to handle all the manageable of the Apple TV and, in addition, Includes an accelerometer and a gyroscope mainly (but not only) to play, as well as two microphones to perfectly understand your voice. And, as said, you can ‘talk’ with Apple TV to convey your desires (from the multimedia arena) through the Siri wizard. An example: tell her to find you Jennifer Aniston videos ; Siri will look for you and propose movies, series and everything that appears the beautiful actress, regardless of the virtual platform that is (if you have agreements with Papa Apple). You can ‘talk’ to Apple TV to convey your wishes (from the multimedia area) through the Siri wizard. An example: tell her to find you Jennifer Aniston videos ; Siri will look for you and propose movies, series and everything that appears the beautiful actress, regardless of the virtual platform that is (if you have agreements with Papa Apple). You can ‘talk’ to Apple TV to convey your wishes (from the multimedia area) through the Siri wizard. An example: tell her to find you Jennifer Aniston videos ; Siri will look for you and propose movies, series and everything that appears the beautiful actress, regardless of the virtual platform that is (if you have agreements with Papa Apple). How to use apple tv and setting up apple tv?

The Siri Remote is recharged through its Lightning connection (the latest iPhone and iPad) and has a range of approximately one month . It is also equipped with bluetooth , so you do not need to point to the ‘box’ to send commands. And, on top of yet another benefit, its touch panel : it is made of glass, it has its point for the video games section and it is the ideal medium to surf by the easy menus of Apple TV on the television, in the same style that you do in An iPhone / iPad.

We went from the Apple TV in Wonderland to the terrestrial reality, with two inconveniences and a half, in our opinion, relevant. To begin with, not all of the content described (games, applications, movies and series mainly) are available in all countries, so it is advisable to confirm that the one you are looking for and ‘promises’ the Apple website, you can effectively contemplate Your tv An example is TED Talks , a channel of lectures on the most varied subjects imparted by prestigious experts in them.

Second , the Apple TV ‘box’ includes a USB port that encourages you to make the normal gesture of inserting a thumb drive to see or hear what you have in it stored. Well forget gestures because that port is exclusively for use by the technical service if you averie that the Apple TV. As a detail, it is a type C USB port, the latest in this technology but, as we say, you will not care. Apple TV only knows cloud, from virtual hard drives, and that means that to play your private content via Apple TV, you have had to upload them previously to the skies.

Finally, movies, videos in general, interesting games and many apps require step by case to enjoy them. Ojo, not annotated as an inconvenience, but it is necessary that you keep in mind since there are other online video clubs that have their section of movies and series for free (and is not precisely testimonial).

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The new Apple TV is expected to begin shipping later this month. It points about 150 euros for the 32GB version and about 199 euros for the 64GB version.

5 Apple Tv Features

How to use apple tv and setting up apple tv?? Apple TV is a small box designed to be used next to the television and to enjoy content. But what is it possible to do with Apple TV? What applications and features do you incorporate? How to leverage your operating system to search for information? How can you express your assistant Siri ? This article reviews the various functionalities of Apple TV, in addition to its strengths and weaknesses .

What can I do with Apple TV?

In the physical aspect, Apple TV is a box with a rather small size, similar to a pack of tobacco, which is accompanied by a tactile remote control and of small dimensions. To be able to use the device, simply connect it to the TV using any standard HDMI input (high-definition multimedia interface). The following is a review of the main features that Apple TV provides its users.

  • TV

Through Apple TV the user has access to a kind of online videoclub with movies of all kinds, documentaries, concerts, series and thematic TV channels (sports, music, children, travel, cooking, etc.).

  • The

One of the new features of the new Apple TV is that it also functions as a video game console. In this sense, the remote control itself, Siri Remote, acts as a game controller with a dynamics similar to the Nintendo Wii , with the plus that it has a touch surface. How to use apple tv and setting up apple tv?

As an alternative for users who enjoy this content more, it is possible to connect the Xbox or PlayStation, as long as it is compatible with the MFi protocol.

  • Music

Apple TV proposes a monumental library of songs, where the user can also listen to the themes of his collection or get carried away by the proposals of the online music radios. And who wants to enjoy good sound quality, you can connect Apple TV through AirPlay to any compatible standalone speaker , so you can do without the TV once the music content is selected.

  • Photos and videos

Just let the photos and videos hosted on iCloud (the Apple Cloud), with the option to share them with family and friends.

  • Apps

Another new feature of the new Apple TV device is the ability to enjoy applications of all types, similar to the use that is given on the mobile or tablet. To do this, Apple has created the tvOS platform so that third parties create apps or adapt existing ones. This type of applications give Siri a special role . In addition, tvOS is a new way to use Apple TV, very similar to that used with other devices such as the iPhone and iPad.

Apple TV: Strengths

In terms of connectivity, playback and speed of the device while in use, Apple TV is a device synonymous with quality.

The Siri controller, for example, is used to handle almost all functions of Apple TV. In addition, it includes an accelerometer and a gyroscope that serve mainly to play, but also has two microphones to communicate. The Siri Remote is recharged through its Lightning connection (the latest iPhone and iPad) and has a range of about one month. It is also equipped with Bluetooth, so it is not necessary to point the device to send commands.

Apple TV: Weaknesses

How to use apple tv and setting up apple tv?? To begin with, not all of the content described (games, applications, movies and series) are available in all countries , so it is advisable to confirm through the Apple website that the content sought is on the device.

On the other hand, Apple TV incorporates a USB port that can imply to the user that there is the possibility to connect a pendrive to see the stored content. But it is only a port of exclusive use by the technical service in the event of failure of the device.

And finally, many of the content included in Apple TV are pre-paid . The drawback is that there are other alternative platforms to Apple TV , such as Netflix, which have their section of movies and series for free.

6 Apple TV Vs Real TV

What did we do wrong? Why are we the manufacturers of Smart TVs we have never hit the key? How are we going to sell our platforms? Those are some of the questions that manufacturers like LG, Samsung, Philips, Panasonic or Sony among others will be doing. And of course, the new Apple TV is going to be more important than we think without being really nothing new.

For years it was rumored that Apple was developing a device to change the way we use television, a product that would go well beyond Apple TV that Steve Jobs  introduced in 2006. Apple TV is capable of loading applications such as the iPhone or The iPad, understands voice commands thanks to the Siri voice assistant and has a remote control that, among other things, allows you to use it with video games.

Equipped with the same processor as the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus , it does not appear that the Apple TV has limited resources to load more or less demanding applications through its operating system TVos, an adapted version of iOS. Its hardware  has two  gigabytes of memory and allow you to load games with a level of quality similar or identical to that of the iPhone 6.

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Siri Remote remembers quite a lot on the controller of the Nintendo Wii

In fact, games are among the most important applications of this device. At the product presentation conference , two of the four companies invited to showcase applications have introduced games. The remote Siri Remote, equipped with a touch surface, an accelerometer and a gyroscope is reminiscent of the controller of the Nintendo Wii. It even has a leash to prevent it from flying when playing with it.

Nintendo is, in fact, one of the companies that can most fear public response to Apple’s new device. Casual players on the Wii may feel seduced by the new Apple TV, which even supports the game controllers available for the iPhone and iPad.

Apple introduced its product saying that the future of television are the applications. It depends on them to achieve a greater success than the one that has harvested Android TV, because to date there are very few specific applications that have been developed for the Google system designed for televisions.

The real business of this device is in its applications stores and audiovisual content

The company Cupertino faces the challenge of convincing developers that a device without a touch screen or keyboard is interesting for more than just play, watch videos or listen to music. Categories in the Apple TV application store include news, productivity or social networks.

It will be necessary to see to what extent applications of this class can be used comfortably without keys. What you could see is how an application to buy clothes, another to follow baseball games and, more fleetingly, the aspect that will have the version of Airbnb for Apple TV.

Paradoxically, this product, despite being almost completely dependent on the Internet, does not have a browser to view web pages. It is also unclear whether Apple will be able to develop an application of that kind, though it would take a good dose of creativity to handle it only through voice recognition and the touch pad of the remote.

Those who own an iPhone or an iPad will be able to surf the internet using the browsers of their devices thanks to the AirPlay function. There are even browsers adapted to use the Apple TV with an iOS device, such as Air Web .

It is imperative to have an iPhone, an iPad or a Mac to play videos on the Apple TV

Another shortcoming of the new Apple TV comes from the old versions of the device. It is essential to have iPhone, an iPad or a Mac to play videos on the Apple TV through Wi-Fi through the AirPlay function. If you do not have one of these devices the only way to watch videos will be through iTunes, the channels that the Apple TV equips by default in each country or through applications, which greatly limits access to audiovisual content.

Because if we keep the main characteristics loose, one by one, we see that it does not introduce novelties. Systems of recommendations are already on other platforms, voice control also, controls with an equal touchpad and app store too … or not. That’s the real secret of Apple TV, its applications.

Apple TV, its secret tvOS

The new Apple TV I think we liked them all. First for price, 149 and 199 dollars for the 32 or 64 GB model does not seem too bad. Secondly because, as Tim Cook has said, the television of the future are apps.

At present, there is a generation of young people who are pushing very hard towards consumption via streaming. They are guys who are not accustomed to how television was enjoyed in the years when the internet was not the current phenomenon. Those who are of a certain age will remember when you have to adapt to the schedules or, hopefully, leave your new VHS video ready to record that movie, series, football match, contest, etc.

Now access to everything you love is so immediate that the last thing you want is to wait. Therefore, services like Netflix, Hulu, Youtube and a long etc. Have grown so much. They are offering the kind of leisure they want, where they want and when they want it. The Apple TV, saving the constraint of having to be tied to a television, will offer that.

And it is something that could not have been achieved without the commitment to a complete operating system. TvOS is the way the new Apple TV joins the iOS ecosystem as it should be. Without limitations, with its own SDK to get the most out of its specifications and with a very important detail also: the support of the developers.

All this without forgetting the use of Siri. The virtual assistant begins to take center stage. In this case, to offer you a new control option, access to recommendations, filtered content and much more . Of course, here I have to be cautious. Other Smart TV platforms offer something similar and do not end up being useful or efficient.

I bet Apple’s work will have all that learning and will have improved but it is the part that least convinces me. Not until he has been able to prove it in person. And not to mention that it may be that outside the United States we take the disappointment that the content offer is very poor.

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Developers, great allies for Apple’s success – How to use apple tv and setting up apple tv?

The developers are that army that has Apple to make their products work. Without the software no Mac, iPhone or iPad would be the same, now the Apple TV either. Because Apple products can have a great design but it is the operating system and its applications that makes the difference.

The new Apple TV has been designed from scratch with a new generation of high-performance hardware and has an intuitive and fun user interface thanks to Siri Remote. Apple TV includes the new iOS-based tvOS operating system, so millions of iOS developers can create apps and games specifically designed for the Apple TV and offer them directly to users through the new Apple TV App Store.

In the keynote today we have seen some very interesting examples that go beyond the services of streaming video or music. The new Apple TV is able to run games and applications like the one that allows to buy from the TV that they are going to be a success. Because those same apps are the ones you already have on your iPhone or iPad. So it is to continue with the same experience on TV in the room.

However, it is the games that interested me the most and did not disappoint. It is true that there is now a way to go, see how they adapt most and apply new methods of control, although support for MFi controls is guaranteed . But there are so many great titles to play on a big screen that can turn the Apple TV into a great sales success. In addition, the one who likes iOS for their games can enjoy them on the Apple TV and not have to make the important outlay that means buying an iPhone.

How does it affect Smart TV manufacturers?

Seeing all this the question is how will Smart TV makers affect? In principle nothing. Apple does not sell TV so we need to keep buying one. But the argument of betting on your TV because its platform offers such and such experience no longer makes sense. Only Android TV will be able to stand up to you but seeing what Tizen, WebOS 2.0 or Firefox OS offers the blow dealt by the Apple TV has been hard.

The Apple TV makes it even less interesting to bet on a Smart TV. The ideal would be “dumb” TV with tuner and the highest possible image quality.

Of course, hopefully there will be some brand that launches a “dumb” TV. A screen with the best possible picture quality, tuner and ready. Meanwhile, electronics majors will have to consider why their televisions do not offer the same experience. And I do not mean just apps, my question is more focused on performance, speed on changing menus, etc. Because high-end telephones and high price also continues to pull on the interface and I do not think it logical.

Therefore, I hope that all this serves to put the batteries. Because Apple has not invented anything but has known, as seen in the video, give it a spin and boost to be attractive. We will see in the analysis whether it meets or not.

Apple TV, price and availability

Apple TV will be available by the end of October. The price will be $ 149 for the 32GB model and $ 199 for the 64GB model . The price in euros is not confirmed but everything seems to indicate that it will be identical in euros at best and superior with almost total security. Maybe 169 and 239 euros. But well, that last is personal bet and not confirmed information. So we will have to remain attentive.

What is important to know, although we will speak more in detail of tvOS, is that developers will have to make use of iCloud to store data relating to the games. Why? Well because the maximum size for an Apple TV app is limited to 200MB. That means they will have to split the application into small packages and take advantage of a feature we already knew in the presentation of iOS 9, On-Demand Resources . Thanks to this, the user only download the content necessary to run the app and the phase or data needed at that time.

In short, there is much to know about the new Apple TV but for me it has been one of the most interesting products of the keynote. And that I can not forget the new iPhone and its 3D Touch or that iPad Pro.

7 How to use an Apple TV as a secondary monitor in OS X

Apple TV, that toy or hobby, as Steve Jobs called it, which Apple likes so much, is much more than it seems and even they recognize it themselves . Among the many uses that we can give you is one that until now may have gone moderately unnoticed, and that makes possible that any screen or television that is connected to it is used as a secondary monitor of our Mac, with all the advantages that it entails. The process to configure it is very simple, and with a few simple steps we can extend our desktop and thus work more comfortably on certain occasions. Let’s see how to do it:

  • The first thing we will have to check is something obvious, but equally must be said. Apple TV and Mac must be on the same Wi-Fi network. Once this is checked, go to Preferences, enter Screens and select the Apple TV in the AirPlay Screen options in the lower left corner.
  • In this way the Apple TV, the screen to which it is connected, will reflect the screen of your Mac. But as we are looking for this is not this, but are two different desktops, go to the Alignment tab and deactivate the option Duplicate Screens .
  • Now we can drag any of the blue boxes to change the location in which a screen is represented, so that we place it where it suits us best.

There are two aspects to take into account older, screen resolution and sound. The resolution can be adjusted like any other screen, in Preferences and within them in Screens. As for sound, when a screen is connected to AirPlay by default will play through that connection instead of our Mac. To change this just go back to Preferences, Sound and configure the output of our Mac to Select the device that we want. As you see, a simple process to work with two screens , especially if we want to do so sporadically.

8 New Apple TV Features

If you have an Apple TV or think you could get one in the next few days I hope you like the following information to make the most of the Apple TV, at least everything the Cupertino company allows us.

AirPlay, sending content via wifi

Explaining what AirPlay is I think is not necessary, or yes. It is an Apple protocol that allows you to send content, audio and video, over the local network. A feature that mainly take advantage of iOS devices although Macs are not far behind.

For iOS devices there is not much mystery, if they support the feature, we will only have to select our Apple TV and we can start to share content. Also, depending on model of iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch we can show video in mirror.

But for the Mac the thing changes, many equipment that we continue using with normality and at full capacity do not allow it. Therefore, we are left with the desire to see the content of our Mac on our Apple TV.

Solution? Beamer , an application that we already saw in Applesfera and that allows to make use of AirPlay in Mac that officially does not support it. It’s a pay-per-use app but it’s worth it as we will not have to convert to Apple TV compatible format.


IFlicks is one of the apps I like to recommend. Although there is a second version , if you have the first one left over. With iFlicks we can not only make a conversion from any format to one compatible with the Apple TV but also add information to the file as director, year of release, actors, etc.

Although apps like Roadmovie work great for conversion themes, the option to add metadata is what makes iFlicks prefer. So if you want to keep in perfect order and with all possible information your iTunes library that you share with the Apple TV download the application.

Air Video HD

Air Video HD is an application for iOS that, together with a server that will install on our Mac or PC with Windows, allows us to access all the content we have decided to add to share. And regardless of the format used for the video. From AVI files to MKV, Air Video HD performs the conversion on the fly and we can reproduce it on our iOS device.

And what does it bring to the Apple TV? Well, thanks to the compatibility with AirPlay, we can use our iPhone or iPad Gateway and send the content to the Apple TV to see the series or movie on the lounge screen.

Cheats for the Apple TV

How to use apple tv and setting up apple tv

To end a series of tricks or actions that you may not know about the control of Apple TV . They are nothing definitive but they do help to use in a more comfortable and sometimes more nimbly the set top box Apple.

  • Press and hold the menu button and you will automatically return to the main menu. Faster than pressing it repeatedly.
  • Hold the navigation button up and display information about the video. Pressing the select button will show audio options and subtitles
  • In services like Netflix, when we are on an episode if we press Play it will play directly. Faster than pressing the select button, access the episode information and play from there. If we do on the series will play the chapter we go.
  • In Settings we can hide those apps that we know we will not use. It will allow us to have a cleaner screen and faster access to the ones we do use.
  • If we select an icon and hold the select button we can move it to the position we want.
  • If you hold the pause button you turn off the Apple TV.

Bonus extra, access services like Netflix, hulu or Vudu

Services like Netflix, hulu or Vudu are not accessible from all countries. There are locks per region that deprive us of the offer and content they offer. But on the internet we already know that few things are impossible. Thanks to the use of different services like Tunlr or Unblock-us we can establish DNS in our Apple Tv that will give us access to them.

To do this, in our Apple TV we should only go to the settings and in the internet settings manually enter the DNS servers that these services offer. And remember that thanks to iOS 7 the configuration of our Apple TV is much simpler if it fits.

And if you have the Mac in a different location here you have a series of applications that will allow us to make use of our Mac remotely from an iOS device

9 Setting Up Lightroom for the Apple TV App

Learn how to download and set up Lightroom on Apple TV (4th generation). Once you have set up the application, you will be able to view all your Lightroom photos and collections on the TV screen.


The Lightroom application for Apple TV is compatible with Apple TV devices running on TVOS 9.0 or later.


Follow the steps below on how to obtain the App Store application and log in with your Adobe ID to install and configure the Apple TV Lightroom application.

Go to the App Store

  1. from your Apple TV (4th generation). Look for “Lightroom” and download the Lightroom application for Apple TV.

    Download Lightroom for Apple TV from the App Store

Open the Lightroom application for Apple TV and go to the login screen.

An authorization code will appear on the screen. Do not leave this screen until you have completed the remaining steps.

6-digit code displayed on your TV

Use the web browser on your computer or mobile device to go to .

Log in with your Adobe ID .

Once you are logged in, enter the 6-digit authorization code that is displayed on your TV. Then touch or click the option to end in the web browser.

Entering the 6-digit code in the web browser

If authorization is successful, Lightroom for Apple TV automatically shows the synchronized collections on the TV.

Lightroom collections shown on TV

You’re all set to use the Lightroom application for Apple TV: you can view your photos and Lightroom synced collections, and run slide shows with your images on your TV.

For more information, see  Viewing Lightroom Photos on the TV .


10 How to use Netflix on your Apple TV

Netflix is ​​available on Apple TV 2 and later.

Regions in which
Netflix is available Netflix is ​​available worldwide, and most devices will work on all sites where Netflix is ​​available, although some older devices will only work in the country where they were purchased. See the Availability Map for more details. If you are thinking of purchasing a new device, check with the manufacturer if it is compatible with Netflix in your region.

Older devices may ask you to login to to configure them. These devices are only compatible with Netflix in the US and Canada.

On most devices, Netflix allows you to browse rows of movies and series, including a row dedicated to the titles listed in My List . Each row represents a category (Comedies, Dramas, Series, etc.) that we offer based on the titles you have seen.

To go forward or backward on your Apple TV 4, make sure the title is paused or the touch-screen browser is selected.

Most devices allow streaming from Netflix in high definition over fast internet connections, and will play Netflix with the highest supported resolution (see Internet Connection Speed ​​Recommendations for more information).

Subtitles and optional audio
Learn to enable subtitle and audio in other languages ​​(including 5.1 surround sound), available in many movies and series. You can check if your device supports 5.1 audio by accessing any Netflix source to see if a 5.1 audio option appears. If this option is not present, the device does not support this feature. Many devices allow you to customize the look of subtitles. Some devices will display subtitles with their default appearance, or they may not be set to display subtitles.

Parental Control
Netflix allows you to set parental control on individual profiles.

Apple TV 2 and Apple TV 3

To connect your Apple TV with your Netflix account, make sure you’re on the home screen and follow the steps below.

  1. From the Apple TV main menu, select Netflix .
  2. Select Do you already have Netflix? Sign in .
  3. Enter your Netflix email address and password.

Your device is already connected to your Netflix account. Enjoy it!

Apple TV 4

To connect your Apple TV with your Netflix account, make sure you’re on the home screen and follow the steps below.

Install the Netflix application

  1. From the Home screen, select App Store .
  2. In the App Store, look for Netflix , locate our application and select Get to start the installation.
  3. After installation, the Netflix application will appear on the home screen.

Sign in to Netflix

  1. Launch the Netflix application.
  2. Select Sign in to use an existing Netflix account or Start the free month to create a new account.
  3. After selecting Login , enter your Netflix email and password.
    • If the Netflix account is charged to you through iTunes, make sure the Apple TV is signed in with the correct iTunes account and select Restore purchases when you are prompted for the email and password.

Your device is already connected to your Netflix account. Enjoy it!

  • Log out on Netflix
Apple TV 2 and Apple TV 3

To log out of your Netflix account on your device, follow these steps:

  1. It starts from the Netflix home screen.
  2. If your account has profiles, select Change profiles .
    • If your account does not have profiles, select Sign Out .
  3. Select Sign out .

Once the device has finished deactivating, you can connect as a different user.

Apple TV 4

To log out of your Netflix account on your device, follow these steps:

  1. From within the Netflix application, press the Menu button on the remote control.
  2. Select Settings / Settings .
  3. Select Sign out .

Once the device has finished deactivating, you can connect as a different user.

11 How to activate Dark Mode on Apple TV with tvOS 10 manually or through Siri

The dark mode was first introduced in OS X Yosemite, since then we have seen how little by little it is reaching the rest of Apple’s operating systems. In the case of the Apple TV, it has been with tvOS 10 when we have finally seen its arrival on televisions . The Dark Mode on the Apple TV, which basically allows us to see the elements of the interface more easily and in low light conditions.

This is an interesting improvement for all those people who prefer a darker background at night . But by default it is not a mode that comes on, so we have to switch from light mode to dark mode or vice versa. In tvOS you can activate it either by fine-tuning the system through Siri:

How to turn dark mode on tvOS manually

It is the most traditional method of all , and to do so you must follow these steps:

  1. Open Settings on the Apple TV
  2. Go to General
  3. Select Appearance
  4. Choose Dark Mode

To return to the clear mode you just have to follow the same steps and in the last one of them choose the clear mode. With this you can easily switch between one mode or another, depending on whether you use the Apple TV at night or day, or according to your preferences.

How to turn dark mode on tvOS with Siri

On the other hand, Siri also allows us to activate the dark mode more quickly , or the clear mode, as we prefer. All you have to do is press the Siri button and ask “Activate dark mode” or simply “dark mode”. We will instantly see how the Apple TV looks changed. If we want the clear mode we just have to call back to Siri and say “Enable clear mode”, or simply “clear mode”

12 Best Apple TV Tips and Tricks

Apple TV 4 has been around for some months. This is a product that finally brings with it three fundamental improvements to Apple’s set-top-box : an App Store that allows the installation of third-party apps , more power thanks to its A8 chip and more storage capacity.

Although you’ve been using it for several months, you probably have not discovered all the tricks that Apple TV 4 has . In this collection we tell you the most frequent as well as others that are not so easy to discover.

    1. Did you just buy the Apple TV 4? Skip the initial setup by placing your iPhone or iPad on top of it when you start the process. Make sure you are connected to the WiFi network in your home as well as having the bluetooth on.
    2. Connect different Bluetooth devices to your Apple TV from Settings> Controls & Devices> Bluetooth. Here you can connect from wireless headphones and music systems to other Siri Remote controllers and game controllers. Everything that has bluetooth connection.
    3. While viewing a movie, series, or video, slide your finger down the Siri Remote’s trackpad to turn on video, audio, and subtitle options. Also, if you have speakers or headphones connected you can choose the audio output you want.
    4. Activate the overhead screensaver from Settings> General> Screensavers. The aerial screensaver is one of the features that I like the Apple TV 4 , as it shows you landscapes and cities in bird’s eye view. If you are concerned about the space on your device, here you can also choose how often new screensavers are downloaded.
    5. Organize the distribution of your apps by holding down the icon on the Home screen until it begins to shake. Now, move your finger across the trackpad to place it wherever you want.
    6. You can also use it to create a folder and put there similar apps like games or video apps.
    7. Download the Remote app to control the fourth-generation Apple TV from your iPhone or iPad .
    8. Did you know that you can program another different controller to control your Apple TV? Go to Settings> Controls and Devices> Store remote control.
    1. You can set a PIN code instead of a password to purchase items on the Apple TV. To do this, you must first disable the iTunes password in Settings> Accounts> iTunes Store and App Store> Password settings. Then go to Settings> General> Restrictions and activate the iTunes Store by entering a PIN code.
    2. If you have several Apple TVs in your house, you can change their name to avoid making mistakes when making AirPlay in Settings> AirPlay> Apple TV Name.
    3. Delete apps you do not want by holding down the icon until it starts shaking. Then press the Play / Pause key and delete it.
    4. You can view the photos of your iPhone on the Apple TV by going to Settings> Accounts> iCloud and selecting the type of photos you want to see: iCloud Photo Library, Streaming Photos and Shared Photos.
    5. Now that you have your photos on the Apple TV 4  there is a trick to use screensavers . Settings> General> Screensavers> Type, where you can choose your own photo sequences.
    6. If you have suffered the fever of the apps and installed more than the account (happens to all), you can thin your Apple TV from Settings> General> Manage storage. Here you can eliminate everything you want.
    1. In the Home screen, press the Menu key twice to display the screen saver.
    2. Also on Home, press and hold the Return Home key to turn off the Apple TV and your TV at the same time . Although for this you need a television with HDMI-CEC technology .
    3. Restart your Apple TV from Settings> System> Restart. If all else fails, press and hold the Home button and the Menu button until you see how your TV is blinking.
    4. Press the trackpad when you are watching a video to stop it and slide along its duration. Press the trackpad again to continue from where you left the pointer.
    5. Forward or backward 10 seconds in a video by pressing the left or right edge of the trackpad. Great to skip the introductions of the series.
  1. This trick is great: when you’re playing music with your app on the Apple TV, keep pressing the Play / Pause button to quickly return from anywhere.
  2. Press the Home button twice to start the quick app change.
  3. If your iOS or Mac device is on the same WiFi network, you can make AirPlay to Apple TV to view or listen to content without cables.
  4. Although it is better that you install Plex , an app from which you can view all the content stored on your Mac or server .

13 How to use Tinder on Apple TV?

“With a new slider remote control and the most popular application in the world now in HD, finding a partner in the modern world is now taking hold of the traditions of yesteryear. Let’s face it: the people who know you best are the ones who have had a high Degree of success in helping you choose a partner, Tinder said in an official statement .

In order to develop Tinder for a screen without touch interface, where users use a remote control to slide, the engineers of the application made their development in the language Swift Apple . “We are using the latest technology Apple Remote to make slide in Tinder is an activity that groups of friends can share” , said Sean Rad , founder and president of Tinder.

The first thing to do is to enter the application store on your Apple TV and download Tinder for free . Once you have it available, you will need to include your credentials in order to start using your account from the device.

After this, you can start clicking on the trackpad to get more information about a particular profile; Slide left, right or send a super like by sliding up ; And finally, shake the remote control to rewind the selection, the latter if you are a subscriber of Tinder Plus.

14 How to install a console emulator on the Apple TV

With Apple TV came applications and with the latest changes in Apple’s policy, which affects the developer program, the ability to install old console emulators. And yes, without the need to resort to Jailbreak and the like.

If you have a MFi gamepad like the SteelSeries Nimbus , you’re in love with the 8bits and 16bits consoles like the NES, Super Nintendo (SNES), Megadrive / Genesis or even some notebooks like the Gameboy Advance attentive. Provenence is the emulator that allows you to play console games on your Apple TV .

Installing an emulator and generally any application that has not been approved by Apple is simple. The only requirements you’ll need are: 4-generation Apple TV, USB Type C cable (on Amazon you find, I use this from Orzly ), developer account (now it’s free unless you want to publish in the App Store) and a Mac With the latest version of Xcode. Well, and the source code of the application you want to install.

In our case the emulator we want to install on our Apple TV is Provenance . A project from which you can find all the necessary files as well as additional information on your Github page.

Once we have it all the process is next, if you do step by step there will be no problems:

apple tv provenance Installing Console Emulators on Apple TV
  • We connect the Apple TV to our Mac thanks to the type C USB cable
  • Then open Xcode and go to the Source Control> Check Out menu. In the new window that will open paste the URL of the project in GitHub
apple tv provenance Installing Console Emulators on Apple TV
  • Once the load is complete we will see a new project called Provenance. Select Provenance and click Next. Then Master, we continue and a window will appear to save the project (by default in Documents)
  • Once downloaded a project window will open in Xcode. There we will have to go to Provenance, deploy and select ProvenanceTV.
apple tv provenance Installing Console Emulators on Apple TV
  • The next step is to select our Apple TV and click on the Play icon. That will begin to compile the application. Normally some errors will appear that will be easily solved by just renaming the file and returning it to compile.
  • The last step will be when the message Build success appears . Ready, Provenance will already be installed on the Apple TV.

Provenance, emulating consoles on your Apple TV

Once we have Provenance installed on the Apple TV the next step is to load the roms. This is a very simple process, we open the application and select Import roms. That will activate a server accessible from our computer by simply typing the IP that appears on the screen -Apple TV and computer will have to be in the local network.

When accessing the server we will see a web interface that allows us to create folders as well as upload files (roms). Right through the import button or drag and drop. It may seem complicated but it is not.

The gaming experience

Provenance is not a perfect emulator but the project improves with every upgrade . At the moment not all the games run without problems but the vast majority are playable in a very satisfactory way.

The only big drawback is how they look on the current screens. Remember that in those years CRT televisions offered much less resolution than the current monitors. I still think it’s worth a try. Just like to re-live those games in games like Super Mario Bros or The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the past among hundreds of other games.

13 Apple TV: The Best Multimedia Apps

The main function of the Apple TV, beyond the “game” that will give their games, is the playback of multimedia content. Here it is true that some people criticize you for not being able to connect a USB drive directly to play your stored content. Okay, we accept it but at a time when we share everything on the net I do not see it as a problem. So point out, these applications are imperative on your Apple TV.

  • Netflix is a must mention. The service arrived in Spain recently so there are no longer any excuses for not subscribing and starting to enjoy a catalog that is not bad at all. Although the best thing is that it will continue to grow.
  • Plex , the application that makes many opt for the new Apple TV . This content manager and player is the preferred option of all those who like to have a perfectly organized library.
  • Infuse 4 Pro , the best video player for iOS? For many it is. Although it has a Lite version completely free and very efficient it is worth paying the 9.99 euros that it costs. A player capable of reading content shared on network drives, NAS, folders on your Mac or PC … and much more.
  • Free Classic Movies offers you classic content to enjoy your Apple TV. Because not everything will be the last special effects of productions like Interstellar, The Lord of the rings, etc. Here you will find films of public domain like the night of the living dead, Journey to the moon and many other classics.

If you look for the Apple TV application store you will find other great applications like Air Video HD , another great media player; Vevo, if you want to see the videclips of your favorite artists; The YouTube app, TED, Vimeo, etc. And do not forget that if you activate Share at home in iTunes you can access your library.

14 Apple TV: The Best Games

If for some reason the new Apple TV is attractive, beyond the multimedia applications, it is for the games. It is true that I expected more support, with more adaptations but everything will move. For now, the good thing is that there are titles that are enjoyed a lot on the Apple TV. Even more so if we add a gamepad like the SteelSeries Nimbus .

  • Beach Buggy Racing, a racing game in the style of the popular Super Mario Kart. We will have several pilots to choose from, objects to collect during the race to launch our rivals and more. Definitely great fun to hang out with. App Store
  • Alto’s Adventure is a classic for iOS. An essential game that you should play on your iPhone or iPad but if you have the Apple TV do it there, the experience will be much more satisfactory. App Store (£ 0.99)
  • Oceanhorn is the Zelda of iOS and now tvOS. An RPG worthy of being played and if it is with better gamepad. Good story, graphics, atmosphere … the demonstration that for iOS there are great games. App Store (€ 4.99)
  • Transistor , another role-playing game. From the creators of Bastion comes this title that surely you will like. App Store (£ 2.99)
  • Asphalt 8: Airbone , racing game with great graphics and a quite complete and comfortable control system, with both the Siri Remote and MFi controls. App Store
  • Does not Commute , if you do not want to spend hours and hours do not download it. Really, one of the games that have created me the most vice. Its mechanics are simple, you have to go drive each vehicle to its destination. But be careful, because each journey will mark the future cars you will drive. A chill game at first that leads to chaos. App Store
  • Galaxy on fire: Manticore RISING , a game in which you will have several combat ships, different game modes and lots of action. The graphics are very good and the fun is assured.
  • Badland is a game that I love for its setting. It is true that I think it is better to play it on iPhone or iPad but enjoying those graphics on the TV is priceless. App Store (€ 1.99)
  • Mr Jump , platform game in which you will have to jump through different levels to demonstrate your skills and reflexes. To bite with friends is great. App Store
  • Pac-Mac 256 , review of the classic comecocos with a different view and some surprises but equally funny. Perfect for those little rats where you do not know what to do or for casual players. App Store
  • Skylanders Super Charger and Disny Infinity 3.0 are two titles that many will know for their versions for consoles. Well, now you can play on the Apple TV and offering the same. Lots of fun and great graphics. App Store
  • Rowy! Gives us a simple but addictive challenge: to make rows and columns of three or more blocks of the same color. It seems easy but it is not. App Store
  • Beat Sport is what Wii Sport was to the Nintendo console. A sports game in which we can compete in different disciplines, mini-games and all using the new Siri Remote. App Store
  • Lumino is a visual experience, a game made manually that will make you enjoy each level. App Store (€ 4.99)
  • Sky Force Anniversary I played it on my iPhone long ago and now I enjoy it on the Apple TV. A game of vertical ships with very good graphics and all that addiction of the classic 1943. It is worth it also if you like the genre.
  • Space Age: A Cosmic Adventure , graphic adventure with a retro touch but great as a whole. He enjoys playing and supports MFi controls. App Store (£ 0.99)
  • Rayman Adventures , popular on consoles like Playstation you now have it on your Apple TV. A simple platform game, much more if you play with the Siri Remote but still is fun and recommended. App Store
  • Afterpulse , the Digital Legends title we were able to interview shows that it is possible to make more serious games for the Apple TV. A third person shooter with a great implementation of Siri Remote as control command although I prefer to play with the Nimbus. App Store
  • Cueist is a billiard game of great 3D graphics, good physics and animation of the balls and with different tables for you to enjoy sitting on your sofa in a three-way game. App Store (€ 1.99)
  • Quiz or The test: general culture is a perfect quiz for those afternoons with friends at home. Perfect to show who is the smartest.
  • TapTap Party  Another essential game to enjoy both alone and with friends. A title that will remind Mario Party and proposes different mini games with which to have fun and hang out. Perfect for casual gamers and great for little ones. Ah, it allows up to four players. And do not worry, because you can use your iPhone or iPad as a remote. App Store (€ 4.99)

They may look like a lot but in the Apple TV App Store there are still more games and many more to come. It only takes developers to see how to adapt them to the TV. Something that seems simple but it is not so much. Firstly because they must rethink their control with Siri Remote or MFi controls, and then the display since many of them were thought to play with the iPhone or iPad vertically.

15 Apple TV and apps

In the application store of the Apple TV you will find a large number of applications. Like Madefire, a great comic book reader . If you go into view by categories you can filter them and thus see each proposal clearer. It is worth taking a look at the children and education section because you can install applications that will help you learn.

Coursera, Playkids, FitBrains Trailer, Big Book of “Why?” And others more sure that they are attractive for the smaller and not so small of the house. Like for example Touchpress -Classical Music, the best interactive experience I’ve seen to enjoy classical music.

By the way, a little trick or tip, like buying apps on the Apple TV can be somewhat slow – due to what it takes to enter the password of your Apple ID – it is advisable to do the shopping on the iPhone, iPad or even your Mac So you just have to go to the purchased section and download them on the Apple TV. Or install the Remote app for iOS and be able to type from your iPhone or iPad the different text fields that are appearing on the Apple TV.

Note: If you have purchased any of these applications on your iPhone or iPad you will not have to pay again. Just go to the Purchased section and there you can download them.

16 Apple TV and VLC Player

After a couple of weeks of announcing its imminent arrival to Apple TV , the media player VLC finally launched its application for tvOS . According to MacStories , Felix Kühne, one of the developers of iOS for VLC, said the application for the Apple TV integrates with a large number of devices and services on the local network.

As we said recently, the arrival of this player to the Apple TV supposes the possibility of reproducing formats with which QuickTime does not have compatibility and to be able to access different contents from Plex servers and clouds like the one of Dropbox . But in addition to this, the VLC app also allows to change the speed of reproduction, to know the art of an album, among other aspects of great utility for the users.

This way you can use VLC on Apple TV

According to MacStories, VLC offers three different methods for accessing content easily . The first VLC plug-in for the Apple TV invites you to discover the local network services that can contain multimedia content, as this application automatically detects the storage and shares on your local network. 9to5Mac indicated that during the reproduction of contents, people will be able to add subtitles of

The second method is through remote playback, you just have to enter the URL that appears in the VLC application in the browser of Mac, iOS or PC and you can drag and drop the media files on the web page. Once you have selected a media file, you can instantly start watching your media files on your Apple TV .

Finally, the third method is through a function called Network Stream , which allows access to the content by directly entering the URL of the content to play it.

17 Best Apple TV apps

Although initially created as a device that would facilitate the use of video streaming by users, Apple TV has many other features and can be exploited in different ways. Considering the potential of this equipment, several developers have brought some apps that explore other uses of the Apple TV .

Recently new apps were launched for this apple company device , which already has more than 2,000 applications available in the App Store, and in Applesfera we want to share some of the latest ones. Of course, these applications were built under the parameters of tvOS 9.0.1, which is officially the first update for the fourth generation Apple TV .

1. TasteMade

Apple TV unveils a new app that comes to please all lovers of food and its preparation. In this new app users can view different free programs focused on the culinary world and lifestyle. TasteMade offers access to different video series and content related to the kitchen. It also has a daily edition, very similar to what this company does in the ‘Discover’ section of Snapchat, in which you can navigate in a different way across the distance.

2. HomeAway

The well-known service that connects property owners and managers with travelers looking for the space, value and services of rental homes for vacationers has come to the Apple TV offering two great advantages. The first one is to look for places to rent to go to a vacation and book directly from the application. The second is that the owners of the rental sites have a new platform to upload information about their property to make it known to customers .

3. Daily Burn 365

The Apple TV controller increasingly wants to look more like the Wii. That’s why developers are also betting to launch services so that users can exercise at home. This is the case of Daily Burn 365, an app that was created so that people have access to different streaming workouts that include all kinds of exercises. This service offers a 30-minute live class that takes place every day at 9 am (ET).

4. Songpop Party

Do you remember the popular game that took the free moments of Facebook users? Well, its creators decided to venture and bet on the public Apple TV users launching a new app. This new title challenges people to guess which song is ringing in the fastest possible time period. The idea is to be able to play with the members of the family to have a pleasant time without leaving home, as the app offers the possibility that they play up to 6 people at a time.

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