How to Use the Siri Raise to Speak Feature in watchOS 5

To invoke Siri on the Apple Watch you can say “Hey Siri“, you can press the digital crown or you can press the complication of the sphere of Siri. This are the options we have had so far, but with watchos 5 , there is a much simpler , just ask Siri something to watch while the screen is on. Apple’s watchOS 5 update includes a new Siri feature that eliminates the need to say “Hey Siri” or push the Digital Crown to activate the personal assistant.

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Invoking a Siri listening session on Apple Watch used to require an utterance of the familiar “Hey Siri” command, a press of the Digital Crown button found on the right side of the wearable or a tap on a watch face complication. watchOS 5 supports invoking Apple’s smart digital assistant on your wrist without speaking the “Hey Siri” trigger phrase or pushing a buttonHow to Use the Siri Raise to Speak Feature in watchOS 5

With watchOS 5, to lift the wrist to turn on the screen, we can interact with Siri without having to say “Hey Siri ” or perform any previous action. As Apple said during the WWDC, this feature is called “Raise to talk” and is available to any user with an Apple Watch have watchOS 5 or a later version.

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Requirements and steps to interact with Siri without any command

As indicated by Apple, there are three basic requirements to use this feature:

  • An Apple Watch with watchOS 5 or superior.
  • iPhone paired with iOS 12 or higher.
  • Network connection via Bluetooth, LTE or Wi-Fi.

How to invoke Siri listening sessions on Apple Watch without using the “Hey Siri” commandHow to Use the Siri Raise to Speak Feature in watchOS 5

If you meet these three conditions, the steps to activate the functionality on your watch are:

  1. Open Settings in the Apple Watch.
  2. Click General.
  3. Siri click.
  4. Enables option ‘Raise to speak’

Some users this option appears to them as directly activated , while others do not. If you do not have directly available, it is probably due to not meet any of the conditions listed previously or ten you are in a beta version. In beta versions not all users have available, but it is the same beta.

Apple uses sensors to determine if you watch lifted his arm to talk to Siri or not. It is the same system that is used to activate the screen intelligently whenever you lift the arm. To avoid having to press the crown or complication, the fact is that it can be useful because we avoid using the other hand. The difference between using “Hey Siri” is that we save a moment of time. I get the feeling that it is a human conversation.

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