A waterproof iPhone 7 with 3 GB of RAM?

A waterproof iPhone 7 with 3 GB of RAM?

The iPhone 7 could be completely sealed and with 3 GB of RAM as the forecasts of TrendForce cabinet. IPhone 6c with a 4-inch screen should be released in the second quarter 2016. The iPhone 7 is still and always talk about him. A new rumor from China indicates that it would be equipped with a battery with a larger capacity.

Although it is not officially for several months, the iPhone 7 is still talked about. If there is a redundant accuses the iPhone, this is the one of the autonomy … You will have divined the rumor of the day concerning the battery. Again in from China , these pictures the authenticity of which has not been verified, would represent the iPhone battery 7. This information is of course to be taken lightly, since there is no indication that these batteries are those of the next smartphone from Apple. Still, if it turned out, the iPhone 7 will have a battery with a capacity of 7.04 watt-hours instead of 6.61 watt hours of the iPhone 6S.If indeed this is good news, it is not in itself an upheaval since this ability is identical to the iPhone 6. We will certainly know more in the coming months … Remember, the iPhone 7 is expected in three variants;Classic, Plus and Pro with a thinner design, devoid of horizontal bands antenna and a dual camera sensor . A waterproof iPhone 7 with 3 GB of RAM?

Presenting his analysis of the smartphone market for 2015 and forecasts for next year, the firmTrendForce embarked on an attempt to sketch the next generation iPhone. Thus, one who is already dubbed the iPhone 7 should enclose at least 3 GB of RAM and have a new screen . This is not all, since all future new range of smartphones manufacturer also meet the toughest standards of sealing. A waterproof iPhone 7 with 3 GB of RAM?

Thus, even that which is called the iPhone 6c could benefit . Featuring a 4-inch screen, the output of this model would be scheduled for the second quarter 2016. In terms of RAM, TrendForce believes that only the iPhone 7 should have the 3 GB. Finally, the firm plans to sell 260 million iPhones in 2016, or 12.5% more than this year. However, Apple will not succeed in supplanting Samsung remains the leader with 310 million copies sold. (EP)

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