Do you wonder why your child has started modeling unfamiliar behavior? Have you noticed your child adopting frequent changes? Or have you considered how your child is so well-informed about the issues which he/she should have no idea about?iOS parental monitoring app

Perhaps, it is the time you need to reconsider your child’s cell phone privileges. Sometimes parents don’t even realize how much their teenager has become addicted to his/her iPhone? Since iPhone’s offer a various number of attractive features and stay in your child’s hands all day along, therefore it comes as no surprise when children develop an iPhone addiction pretty quickly.

Impacts of Allowing Your Child Excessive Screen Use

Following are some of the reasons which prove that parents should allow their kids to spend only a calculated amount of screen time.

1.    Sleep Deprivation

Without a doubt, electronic gadgets cause a crisis of insomnia and sleep deprivation in the young generation. Children who are allowed to keep their iPhone with them while sleeping are more likely to have a disturbed sleeping pattern because they stay glued to the screen of their iPhone’s or just keep checking different social networking sites from time to time.

Teenagers who sleep less tend to feel tired and suffer from severe headaches. They lack decision-making skills, feel cranky and usually have a short temper.

2.    Lack of Social Skills

When your kid spends too much time being busy on his/her iPhone, they lack in social skills and feel hesitant while communicating with people face to face. The inability of interacting socially with people occurs when your child feels under confident about himself. This happens as a result of excessive use of mobile screens.

3.    Temperamental Issues

Most kids who stay engaged on their iPhone’s play video games. Ask teenagers about their favorite gaming apps and you would be disappointed to find out that most of these games involve violence. The more popular a game is, the more chances are there that pornographic or violent content is embedded in the game. This introduces an aggressive and disrespectful attitude in children.

Use iOS Parental Monitoring App

The above-mentioned reasons justify that every parent is in need of an iOS parental monitoring app such as FamilyTime these days. By using FamilyTime, parents can not only monitor their child’s digital citizenship, but can control an excessive screen use. Here is an overview of what you can do with the monitoring app in hand such as FamilyTime.iOS Parental Monitoring App

Have a look!

  1. Most importantly, parents can monitor the contact book of their kids to know who are they friend with and how are they connected. With that, they can also monitor the text messages on their child’s mobile device which helps in preventing the chances of teen sexting.
  2. FamilyTime empowers parents to view the list of installed apps and even allows parents to analyze their app usage frequency looking at the time they spend on each app. Moving forward, if they find any app addictive or inappropriate for their kids, they can even block those addicting or inappropriate apps from their child’s device.
  3. Parents can monitor the browsing history to find out whether their child watches X-rated and pornographic content using his/her device or not. They can have a look at the URLs saved in the favorites or Bookmarks of their browser to know their surfing habits too.
  4. The location tracking feature offered by FamilyTime lets parents stay aware of their child’s location and whereabouts not in the run time only but for the past few months too. With the app they can see the location details with the date and time stamps of the visits.
  5. By scheduling an auto lock on their child’s mobile device, parents can make sure that their child doesn’t use screens for a disproportionate time. In addition to this schedule, hey can lock their devices remotely too.


  1. Yep, a parental control app is a necessity of our time. I also use it (https://kidslox.com/) and recommend it to all my friends. It is just an instrument for parents. In our family it works fine, but we talked to our kid many times and explained why we started using the app and why actually we decided to limit their time. I’m pretty sure that parents need to limit the time, otherwise kids become addicted.

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