WiFi Range Extenders: Boost Your WiFi Range

One of the most widely used today worldwide network technology is indisputably the Wi-Fi, Wireless Fidelity network, through which we can connect to a local network wirelessly getting all the benefits that it entails. Today we find points of access Wi-Fi both private and in our homes or offices, and open, and shopping malls, libraries, airports, etc.

WiFi Range Extenders: Boost Your WiFi Range
WiFi Range Extenders: Boost Your WiFi Range

The slow WiFi connections are a problem. Each access to Wi-Fi network depends on many factors such as location, proximity to the network device (modem or router), signal strength, etc. Many times we, especially in our mobile devices, the signal level of the Wi-Fi network communication lapses and lose affecting our navigation and all that it entails.

It’s not always the fault of our devices because the vast majority of times is coverage Wi-Fi network in which the signal weakens because of multiple factors. Before going into detail about how we can extend our signal coverage is important to know a little about how the network operates Wi-Fi access in its management.

The Wi-Fi network is distributed in different standards such as

802.11a, 802.11b and 802.11g, and each of these standards use a different frequency and speed and based on these have a greater range. Thus we have the following:

802.11a: It has a frequency of 5 GHz and a speed of 54 Mbit / s allowing it to cover a range of 10 meters.

802.11b: It has a 2.4 GHz frequency and a speed of 11 Mbit / s allowing it to cover a range of 100 meters.

802.11g standard: It has a 2.4 GHz frequency and a speed of 54 Mbit / s allowing it to cover a range of 100 meters.

How to extend WiFi range?

If your current WiFi coverage leaves much to be desired, you need a good WiFi Extender. With a WiFi extender, you can significantly improve the signal of WiFi within minutes and extend your WiFi network almost anywhere in your home. A WiFi Extender does not replace your existing router, it works with it making the original signal more stronger.

WiFi extenders function as stereo amplifiers, used for hi-fi systems. It uses electric power from a power supply to increase the power of the original WiFi signal, transmitting the amplified signal through the air. To accomplish this feat, extenders WiFi scope contain two WiFi antennas: one is used to capture signal and the other for signal transmission.

A WiFi extender is often called ” amplifier “, ” repeater ” or “WiFi Extender” but all these names mean the same thing: a device that captures a WiFi signal, amplifies it and transmits it .

Most wireless range extenders are connected to a standard electrical outlet. They can then be configured using the WPS button or using a smartphone application. WPS is a standard network security that allows enabled devices to communicate with Wi-Fi without entering long passwords.

With modern WiFi extenders, you can enjoy the same robust encryption protocols you get with your primary WiFi router, so no need to worry about your privacy. However, you should be prepared for loss of speed.

Some of the best WiFi extenders on the market can broadcast WiFi signal with only a negligible loss of speed, but most single-band expanders lose up to 50 percent of the original bandwidth. 

To minimize the loss of speed, it is essential to place the WiFi extender at the optimum point.

How to find the best WiFi range extender? 

Always be sure to read the reviews of the extensor WiFi Internet before clicking the button to order. As you know, network computers are not exactly known for their reliability. Some products work flawlessly while virtually identical alternatives from other manufacturers only cause headaches.

If you care about your security and privacy, avoid products from unknown manufacturers and companies with a bad reputation. With nearly 400,000 new malware samples detected every day, security WiFi is something to take seriously.

In the world of ransomware targeted attacks, often one determined attacker is necessary to bring down an entire company or ruin someone’s life.

For your convenience, I recommend you to check WiFiBlast WiFi extender which boosts signal range and also eliminates Wi-Fi dead spots.

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