Windows 10 Onedrive sync | How does onedrive work

What is OneDrive on Windows?

This is a free Microsoft service related to Windows Essentials . It is also included as an app on the new Windows 8 Desktop . Its main advantages are: Windows 10 Onedrive sync | How does onedrive work

Windows 10 Onedrive sync | How does onedrive work

  • 7 GB free online space. In them you can store whatever you want: documents, photos, songs, videos, etc. It is a way to free space on your PC or to create a backup of your files.
  • Access from anywhere. OneDrive in Windows is like having a hard drive online. You can access what you store in it from any device with an Internet connection. Also use it to have remote access to files on your PC .
  • Security. OneDrive uses cloud computing technology ( What is the cloud? ). View, change or share your content wherever you are and safely. You can only do it yourself or whoever you want.

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Sign Up or Sign In

In order to use OneDrive you need a Hotmail account or create a Windows Live ID . It’s free. Follow the link to see how.

When you already have your Live ID:

  1. Open your browser and type in the address:

    Click on Login . Enter the details of your Hotmail or Windows Live ID account (e-mail and password) on the right. Press the Login button .

  2. The OneDrive window is not very different from your Windows Explorer. And you can move about her in a similar way.Click on the folders or files to enter or view them. Click on OneDrive , top left, to return to the main window (or click the Back button on your browser). It’s that simple.

Save your files to OneDrive

There are several default folders (Documents, Images, Music, etc.). To create other custom ones, click on the Create button and choose inside Folder . Give it a name and press Enter on your keyboard. Windows 10 Onedrive sync | How does onedrive work

To copy a file from your PC to OneDrive:

  1. Enter the OneDrive folder where you want to copy it.
  2. Click Load (you’ll find it next to the button to create a new folder).
  3. A disk explorer opens. Use it to locate the file on your PC and double-click it.IMPORTANT:
    You will get an error message if it occupies more than 300 MB. You can only transfer larger files using the OneDrive Desktop application.
  4. When the copy is finished, close the window that shows your progress.

Look at the bottom left of the main screen. There it indicates the free space that is leaving you of the initial 7 GB (or of the space that you have – 25 GB in the example). Purchase if you want additional space using the Manage Storage link below. Windows 10 Onedrive sync | How does onedrive work

File Options

While in OneDrive, right-click the file. There are these basic options:

  • Open or Open in … . View the file with a PC program or a Web App (OneDrive own program versions).
  • Download . It gives you the option to open the file or save it to your PC.
  • Share . To send it by e-mail, publish it in your favorite social network / blog, or create a link that allows anyone to download it with a simple Internet browser. View all details on sharing files with OneDrive .
  • Rename . Type the new name and press the Enter key.
  • Delete . Does not ask for confirmation. If you delete what you do not have, restore it through the link to the Recycle Bin (it is under the space information available in OneDrive).
  • Move to . Click on the destination folder and press the Move button. The selected file will be moved to it.
  • Copy to . Click the folder where you want to copy the file and press Copy .

You can move, rename or delete OneDrive folders in the same way.

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Create files in OneDrive

Not only does it allow you to store files on your PC. You can also create others directly online.

OneDrive includes “in the cloud” versions of several Office programs. To create a document with any of them:

  1. Click on the Create button above . Choose from within Word, Excel, PowerPoint or OneNote.
  2. Type the name you want to give the file. Click Create .
  3. Use the web program as you would in a version of Office installed on your PC. You can save the document at any time by clicking on the Save button , upper left. Only needed in Word. The other programs save the document automatically.
  4. When done, click on the upper right ( X ) to close the Office program. BE CAREFUL NOT to do this in closing session , which is right above. This will close OneDrive.

To save files on your PC that you create in OneDrive, right click on them and choose Download .

Edit Office Documents Online

I mean Word, Excel, PowerPoint or OneNote documents. These steps are for those you have copied from your PC or created in OneDrive itself.

  1. Right-click on the file and choose Open in [program name] Web App (for example “Open in Word Web App.”) You refuse to participate in the Office Web Apps Preview if you are proposed, unless you want to do so.
  2. You will see the file. Click on Edit in the browser . The corresponding Office web program opens. Use it as I explained before to change what you want and save the document again.

OneDrive stores a copy of the different versions you save from the same document. It is something thought especially for when different people collaborate in its elaboration. Windows 10 Onedrive sync | How does onedrive work

To view the different versions of a file:

  1. Right-click and select Version History .
  2. The most recent or current version is opened. You can access the others by clicking on the links under Previous Versions (on the left). And edit and change the current or old document as I explained.

Exit OneDrive

Click on close session .

Share files with OneDrive

OneDrive in Windows allows you to share your files in a simple way from any site with Internet access, even if it is not your computer. Even from a Windows Phone or an iPhone. The only condition is that before you have copied photos, documents, music, videos, etc. into OneDrive. That you want to share. Do it from your PC. Windows 10 Onedrive sync | How does onedrive work

Use OneDrive to e-mail a file

  1. Enter OneDrive .
  2. Find the file, click on it with the RIGHT button of the mouse and choose Share .
  3. Make sure you’re in the Send Email option (on the left). If not, click on it.
  4. Write the e-mail of the person to whom you are sending the file. Include if you want a text for the message. Press Send .
  5. Share files on Facebook with OneDrive .

Share files on Facebook with OneDrive

Set up OneDrive for Facebook or another network

You only have to do this once (see the image above): Windows 10 Onedrive sync | How does onedrive work

  1. First you have to access your OneDrive .
  2. Click on a file with the RIGHT button of the mouse and select Share .
  3. On the left, click the Publish to option .
  4. Click the Add services link . Choose Facebook . OneDrive will try to connect. If you can not, click the Connect button . Enter your Facebook login details and press Enter .

    In addition to Facebook you can choose to configure Twitter or LinkedIn. Or click Search for more services , to set up others like YouTube or Flickr.

  5. Click on Allow . That authorizes Windows Live so that it can access your Facebook. Close the warning window.

Share files on Facebook with OneDrive

Now you can do it directly: Windows 10 Onedrive sync | How does onedrive work

  1. Right-click the file and choose Sharing from the menu.
  2. Select the Publish to option on the left . Click on the blank field to the right and type the text you want to accompany the file you are going to share.
  3. Activate the box with the Facebook logo above by clicking on it. Press Publish . If you enter your Facebook you will see that the file (an image, in this case), appears on your wall.
  4. Create links to share files .

Create links to download files

Creating a download link to share a file is useful in a number of cases. For example: Windows 10 Onedrive sync | How does onedrive work

  • The file is too large to be sent by e-mail.
  • It is an executable that your mail does not support as an attachment.
  • The person you want to share the file with does not have an email.

You can create download links for any file you have saved in OneDrive. You just have to tell the person you want to share it with. Windows 10 Onedrive sync | How does onedrive work

This is done as follows:

  1. Enter OneDrive .
  2. Right click on the file and choose Share .
  3. Click the Get a link option (on the left). The link or link you create can offer three levels of privacy. From highest to lowest are:
    • Read only . Whoever uses the link will be able to see the files or folders you share but not change them.
    • View and edit . Whoever follows the link will be able to see and edit what you share.
    • Public. Anyone who follows the link you are going to create will be able to see the shared content and what is in your public folder.

    Choose your option and click the Create or Make public button as appropriate.

  4. Use the Ctrl + C key combination to copy the link. Then paste it with Ctrl + V into a Word or Wordpad file , your browser, an email message, etc. When finished, close the link creation window.
  5. That is the link that you should give to the person with whom you want to share the file. It will be enough to write it in any Internet browser. A page will open showing the OneDrive file to which the link is linked. To save it to your PC just click on Download .

If with Explorer it is not possible to download the test file to open the link with Firefox or Chrome browsers.

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