You need to know these Wearable Device Trends for 2019

Miniaturization, brain control, and eye tracking were some of the major advancements in various wearable tech last year. In 2019 you will get to witness these new technologies get even better as other new trends in the industry take hold. Here are some of the wearable tech trends that the year 2019 has in store for you.

Wireless earbuds and headphones

One of the main concerns people have about using wireless earbuds is their battery life. You should expect a new generation of wireless ear wearables with quality chipsets that extend Bluetooth battery life. This will probably draw more people away from headphones that rely on headphone jacks. Some of the wireless earbuds already drawing a lot of attention include the T5 True Wireless by Klipsch and the iSport Victory by Monster.  Wireless earbuds are great for reducing clutter, which in this case is the headphone jack.

Augmented reality for productivity

Augmented reality glasses superimpose digital objects and images onto everything real that is going on around you. So far, augmented reality glasses have still not been incorporated by the general public, but certain companies have started using them to enhance productivity. For example, goggles from AR firm Daqri are used in Los Angeles to train younger employees to repair headsets that firefighters use to communicate. Trainees that wear the goggles can see digital guides and 3D images that help them learn how to repair the headsets. The goggles have helped reduce the time it takes to train someone from 90 minutes to only 30 minutes.  

More focus on health

Apple is trying to broaden the appeal for Apple Watch beyond tech and fitness enthusiasts. The company is doing this by focusing on creating smart watches that help in treatments, management of chronic diseases, and diagnostics.  For example, Apple Watch Series 4 can detect when you fall and alert named emergency contacts if you don’t move for a whole minute, and can also perform an electrocardiogram (ECG).  Such a watch would be very useful to the elderly and the infirm who need constant observation and care.

Lower price for smart watches

The Apple Watch and most other smart watches are sometimes seen as a status symbols or luxury items because of their relatively high price point.  However, the price of smart watches will reduce in 2019 fuelling the growth of the wearable device market by 26% according to research by Garner, Inc.  The lower price points will drive a growth in shipments to 74.09 million units from 53 million units according to the research.

Most wearable devices are still in an earlier stage in their development cycle. That means that there are still many other significant changes that you will witness happening in the wearables industry as the year 2019 matures.

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